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Besides being a writer, I am also an avid aviculturist, breeding and handraising birds for four years until just this year. Through the years, I have always seen a classified ad in the back of a popular bird magazine. This ad boasts of 100% accuracy sexing birds by implementing a simple pendulum device. DNA sexing of birds is accomplished using blood or feathers, for the most part, so this was intriguing to me. After much time had elapsed, I ordered the pendulum device and instructions. In return I received instructions to take 3 single embroidery strands, 12" long, and thread them through an 18 or 20 gauge sewing needle. This was to be my pendulum. I was to hold the pendulum over the bird whose sex was in question, holding it as immobile as I could. If the pendulum went around in a circle, the bird is a female' if it goes back and forth (eiter head-tail or side-side) the bird is a male. This swinging motion is known as amplitude.
I was motivated to research what is commonly known as dowsing. In fact, I crafted my own pendulum, using a pink gem stone of some sort, and a sterling silver chain. I am in the process of learning to use it in assessing problems in my body, as well as broadening my intuition and knowledge of myself.
All things give off energetic radiation. Our own senses can feel and measure these energies. The pendulum becomes our communication device between consious and subconsious. A pendulum receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things, and has been used for centuries. For instance, dowsing has been used by certain U.S Marines in Vietnam to locate underground mines and tunnels. French physicians used them in helping make diagnosis,' a science known as radiethesia.
The practic of dowsing, either by pendulum or rod, is even noted before the time of Queen Cleopatra, who's own advisors used them extensively.
After aquiring a pendulum, whether by purchasing, or crafting one yourself, you must charge it. It is important to note not to let another person handle your pendulum,as this will interrupt your own energy. Hold the string or chain between your thumb and forefinger, about 3" from the weight, or mass, being used. In a anormal tone of voice, tell your pendulum which direction will indicate a "yes" response-whether clockwise, counter-clockwise, or a vertical or horizontal amplitude. Next, tell the pendulum to move in an opposite manner, saying this will be the "no" answer. The purpose of programming is to achieve maximum accuracy. You are offering mutually acceptable, pre-establised agrreements and understandings about words and what is meant by different pendulum movements. Practice this lesson daily until you are confident in different movements and their meaning. Now you are ready to start utilizing your pendulum.
When seeking information from dowsing, as I stated previously, talk to the pendulum as if it were a person. This will direct the energies to the pendulum, and not you. This frees your mind to concentrate on the action of the pendulum and not on the energies. You must always dowse in the best interest regarding other people. It is not for selfish gain, it is but a gift to cherish and give.
There are appropriate and non-appropriate types of questions to ask when dowsing. Appropriate questions are about things that are within your control, or about things your subconcious already has access to. The following are very good questions you may use:

Making a choice of any kind
What is best to do in a situation
Figuring out your true feelings
Assessing other people and their motives
Finding causes of physical symptoms
Determining what foods and vitameins to take

You may have to start with broad questionns, then narrow them down. The following are cuases for incorrect response from the pendulum:

Poor communication, or inaccurate phrasing are causes for an incorrect response from your pendulum For instance, don't ask "Is this water good for me?" Be more accurate: Good in what way? The water may satisfy a thirst, yet be contaminated with lead or pesticides. By rephrasing this to "Will this water serve my highest and greatest good?'. you are narrowing down the question for a more specific answer. Do not be too general. Do not ask "Is my spouse healthy?" Pinpoint the question by asking "Are my husbands eating habits causing his health problems?"
In initiating dowsing, you must enter with a peaceful state of mind, not concentrating on the pendulum so much as focusing on the answers you have within yourself. Please note also to stay away from gihg frequency electrical equipment while dowsing.
With practice and an open mind, you will learn to rely on dowsing to aid you in many aspects of your life.