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Things you will need

Scrap paper
Wooden frame
Nylon fly screening
Large plastic basin
Kitchen cloth
Flowers, leaves, fruit peels (optional)

What to do

1. First make a mold by stapling the nylon screening tightly to the wooden frame

2. Create a drying pad by folding the newspapers and stacking them to about 2" thick. Then cover with the kitchen cloth

3. Tear scrap paper into small pieces and soak in hot water for about 30 minutes.

4. Blend paper with warm water until it has a mushy consistency. At this time if you want to add colour you can add small amounts of flowers, leaves etc. and blend again. (If you want to whiten the paper, add a few drops of bleach.)

5. Using a mixture of about 80% water to 20% pulp fill the large plastic basin with water. Add the pulp while stirring. The particles should be floating in the water.

6. Dip the mold in the water from the back and bring it down so that it is under the water. With a scooping motion gently lift the mold out of the water.

7. Allow the water to drain and carefully turn the mold over unto the drying pad (screen on top). Use the sponge to absorb the excess water. The pulp should become dry enough to separate from the mold. Lift off the mold and allow the sheet of new paper to dry thoroughly.

8. Iron with low heat to create a smooth finish.

Craft Ideas

1. Use the paper to make post cards. Decorate with pressed flowers.

2. Use different colour sheets to make a scrapbook. Tie the sheets with decorative ribbon. Use scrapbook for recipes, travel photos, baby pictures etc.