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Choosing a spice to compliment your chicken may get confusing because there are so many herbs and spices available to us. Unless you use a recipe, how will you know what spices work with chicken or ham? This list will give an overview of each spice, and what foods they best compliment. Now you can make up your own recipes.

Allspice: pumpkin pie, apple pie, gingerbread, winter squash, pickling, pate, ham

Anise: baked goods

Basil: Italian cuisine, vegetable, sauces, meats

Bay Leaves: stews, sauces, chili

Cardamom: baked goods (substitute for cinnamon to give more spice), Indian cuisine (the nation, not Native American)

Cayenne Pepper: Mexican cuisine, chili, hot and spicy dishes

Chives: garnish, soups, Mexican cuisine, Italian cuisine, dips

Cilantro: Mexican cuisine, salsa, guacamole, chili

Cinnamon: baked goods, rice pudding, Middle Eastern cuisine, cocoa, coffee, tea, chili

Cloves: baked goods, baked ham, coffee, tea

Cumin: Mexican cuisine, chili

Curry Powder: Middle Eastern cuisine

Dill: pickling, fish, salads

Ginger: baked goods, Japanese cuisine, peach deserts

Lemon Pepper: vegetables, fish, poultry

Marjoram: stews

Mint: lamb, iced tea

Mustard: salad dressing, fish

Nutmeg: baked goods, wild rice, eggnog, coffee

Oregano: Italian cuisine, vegetables, sauces, meats, fish, poultry

Paprika: garnish or to add color, fish, egg salad, stews

Poppy Seeds: salad dressing, poppy seed bread

Rosemary: beef, lamb, veal

Saffron: rice, risotto, pilaf, bouillabaisse

Sage: stuffing, poultry, pork

Tarragon: fish, béarnaise sauce, poultry

Thyme: chowders, soups, stews