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Is there a glory on earth to equal the Methodist hymn, "Amazing Grace"? This is not only the favorite hymn of Americans, as we might think, but it is the most favorite hymn in the entire world.
An astonishing story lies behind the making of one of the most beautiful of Methodist hymns. Written in 1912 by C. Austin Miles, as a commission by a music publisher, "In the Garden" was no less spiritually inspired for all its secular beginnings.
Learn more about the most revered Catholic saints' lives, their patronage and novena prayers said to them by their devotees.
What are catholic wedding customs? What will the ceremony be like? What do you need to know before you go to the wedding?
Needing some quick and easy ideas for your children's sunday school class? Here are a few good thoughts.
Christian children and parents, there's a ministry opportunity right in your home! Find out if you already are, or how to be a missionary to your children.
As Christians, we must believe in the Gospel that our faith in God will lead us to eternal life. But what is the path of faith we should follow and how do you start and commit to it?
One of the most troubling things that new Christians struggle with is really having faith that they belong to Christ and feeling secure in their salvation.
The history of christian doctrine. There are many Christian denominations. There are a few basic Doctrines that define a Christian Church and their origins.
Many Catholics don't remember how to pray the rosary. Others never learned. Here's how to pray the rosary step by step.
Is Jesus God? The Bible was written mainly by eyewitnesses to Jesus and his works and words. The evidence is strong and the testimonies are riveting.
Lay eucharistic minister tips! Have you heard the call? The steps to learn if you want to be a lay minister and exactly how to do it. God is waiting for you.
The Pentecostal religion is unique among Christian religions. Learn more.
A breif sermon preparation guide. Learn how to create a powerful speech when you have a short amount of time.
St. Augustine of Hippo was the first to construct an theory of learning, or epistomology, that encompasses modern concepts of learning and memory.
Since many stories and legends have been told regarding St. Patrick it is difficult to separate the facts from the myths. Learn more about this patron saint of Ireland.
Has Christianity borrowed the Christmas Yule log from ancient paganism? Discover what the Ancient Eqyptians, Sumerians, Celts, Druids, Romans, Visigoths and Saxons had in common.
Jesus was born of a Virgin. This is consistent with the Christian Doctrine of Salvation and accepted as fact. Jesus could have come in other ways, but this is how He came.
Revival movements among Methodists resulted in the writing of many of the loveliest hymns sung in American churches today. Here are the stories behind three of them.
Here are common sense suggestions for making your church nursery safer for children.