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Take a look at this list of 50 children's book writing ideas and titles, free for the taking.
Learn about writers groups and how they can be beneficial to you.
A strategy for writers to overcome the gender biased writing problems and presents solutions to re-work copy that has a gender bias.
Better business memo writing can increase sales, communication and office morale. Simplicity, organization and brevity are among the top memo-writing effectiveness tools.
Writing children's non-fiction is a faster way to publication. More than a hundred times more non-fiction is found in children's books and magazines.
Writing a complaint letter can be intimidating. Get some tips on how to write a complaint letter that gets results.
Understanding copyright laws: Beginning writers are sometimes unaware of the copyright laws that automatically protect their work from infringement and plagiarism. Here are five common myths, and the truth behind them.
Poetry chapbooks, small collections of poems centered around a theme, can be produced at home with the right cardstock, paper and templates, and used for promotion or self-publication.
Creative writing courses can help make your dreams of great American novel come true--but only if YOU know how to take advantage of them. Learn how.
Creative writing is more than just typing in letters on a keyboard. To get published, a writer first learns to practice his art. These tips will help.
Write more effective memos. Five simple steps that will improve your memo writing skills.
Essay writing guidelines with a simple format that can be used in speeches or english papers.
Tips on writing good essays and English papers for high school and university students.
Employment for freelance writers! With so many freelance writers in the world it often seems that there aren't enough magazines that pay decent compensation for their writers. Or is there?
Breaking into the freelance writer market isn't as hard as you might think. Here a some good starting points to help jump-start your career.
How to resell your nonfiction articles through creative editing and alternative viewpoint
If you want to copyright your work, this will explain the procedure and tell what is necessary to make it legally effective.
Here are some creative tips from a Professional writer on adding beautiful imagery to your prose and poetry.
An overview of how to find ghostwriting opportunities, advertise your freelance skills, and what to charge for your time and talent.
Get rid of careless errors in your school papers or work related writing. Learn to proofread and copyedit your writing by following these simple steps.
Learn how to properly prepare poetry manuscripts for submission to an editor.
If you are a writer, why not double your income just by accompanying your text with a few illustrations?
An overview of how to turn your tales of the road into published magazine/newspaper columns, travel guides, and books with a regional flavor.
Learn how to write better thank you notes. Thank You notes reflect your professionalism and can pave the way to promotions in your career!
A comprehensive guide to how to write a child's story. Most new writers believe that writing childrens fiction is easy -right? Wrong.
Everything a writer-chef needs to know about choosing a theme, writing out recipes, and supplementing the text with photographs and sidebar stories.
Pointers and advice on writing a successful college essay, based on personal experience.
A haiku is an old Japanese poem format, usually with the 5-7-5 syllable writing technique. Most like to write with seasonal themes.
A 5-point plan for the how-to writer on picking a hot topic, targeting an audience, and marketing the concept to publishers and focus groups.
An overview for freelance writers on how to create effective and economical public service announcements for radio and television.
Learn how to write a thank you card. When writing thank you cards or notes there are a few golden rules to remember.
How to write titles that will get your writing noticed.
Learn how to write an effective letter of complaint in order to get the best results from companies who have wronged you.
Need to write an outline, but don't know the first thing about writing one?
Learn how to write a childrens book.
How to develop, research, and sell your historical romance novels to prospective publishers. A list of reference books is also provided.
Learn how to write limerick poetry using these examples.
How to write mysteries and suspense: the differences between mysteries and suspense, as well as pertinent tips on how to write for either genre.
Find out how to find international freelance writing jobs.
Writing in a container, like keeping a journal, gives you a place to come home to and to speak directly to yourself of your truth.
Learn to write: a guide to developing you writing skills.
Literary grants and fellowships: An overview of how to apply for literary grants and fellowships, package your presentation, and increase your chances of winning
Electronic books, called e-books, are easy to create and have much lower production costs, making them popular with self-published writers. Here's some marketing strategies for promoting and selling e-books.
Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri. She was raised by her paternal grandmother until she went to live with her mother.
News release writing made easy with these tips.
These nonfiction writing tips will help you reach out and touch your audience!
Overcoming writer block with this step-by-step help with writing, from essays and research papers to letters and poems -- you will find it here.
Tips on overcoming writer's block. Advice for all types of writers.
Pen pals are fun for kids and adults. Penpalling, the age old hobby of writing letters to people you may have never met, is a hobby for all ages.
Poetry contests can be a good source of prize money for a poet, but understanding the judging criteria is critical to increase chances of winning the competition. Judges look for more than just technique and emotional impact when they decide on winners.
Poetry writing in five simple steps. Improve your poetry by allowing your creativity to run free. Summon your Muse, expand your creative horizons, and enjoy the fruits of inspiration.
A poet's first public reading can be a wonderful experience or an unbelievable disaster, based on the amount of time and energy spent rehearsing the material, selecting the proper venue and 'reading' the audience. Here are some hints on how to make the first reading work well.
You're holding a special event or fundraiser. How do get the media to announce it or cover it? Here's a guide toward getting the most out of your efforts.
Writing contests are very popular and can help put money into a starving artist's pocket. But one needs to be careful before entering such contests, since scams are frequent.
Once you've sold your article or novel, the rest is easy - isn't it?
Sample query letter and basic instructions on how to write a query letter. These letters are tools that aid in selling your work to editors.
What is subsidy publishing and is it a real way of getting your novel onto the bookshelves?
Teach yourself how to speed type easily! Soon you will be able to type 60+ words per minute.
When embarking upon a writing career there are ten essential tools for a writer.
Tips for the freelance writer: to sell more articles and earn more money, you need to write more. However, there are only 24 hours in a day, so you are limited in the amount of hours you can work. Learn how to optimize your writing time.
This page focuses on UK literary agents, but also offers useful tips for those considering finding an agent. Many writers think they need to employ an agent as soon as they start earning money from their writing, is this true?
Rejection letters are usually viewed as the bane of a writer's existance, but a good writer can use this seemingly negative information to his or her advantage when seeking new markets. Here's how to use rejection letter information to improve chances of future acceptance.
Vanity publishers have been condemmed for many years. But they do offer a legitimate service for the clued-up writer who knows exactly what he is getting for his money. So how do you go about finding one?
Ways to build your vocabulary. Includes links to web sites and book titles to assist in the process.
How should you word your thank you notes. What should they say? When do you send them out? What's the most efficient way to get your thank you notes written and sent?
What is self-publishing? This article answers all the questions you'll ever ask about the subject.
What is vanity Publishing, and is it a good thing? Yhis article answers all your questions.
When should you use a pen-name? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using them.
ALl the keys to writing, successfully starting, and finishing your first book.
A checklist for writing a legally valid will in Florida.
Many of us would love to write our autobiography, but would it be interesting and could we find a publisher for it?
Interested in writing and publishing for syndication? This is an overview of how to develop a theme, define an audience, pitch your proposal...and get published on a regular basis!
Set yourself apart form the crowd when you write college admissions essays. Tips on what to do, and what not to do. Get into the college of your dreams.
How to write effective book proposals and inquiry letters to capture the attention of literary agents and publishing houses.
Writing erotica isn't easy, nor is it particularly hard. Here are 10 most common mistakes made by novice erotica writers.
Writing internet articles is becoming more commonplace due to the plethora of available information. Simple, how-to articles are especially prized by Internet scanners. Leran more!
Freelance writers: get editors interested in your articles with gripping query letters. Here's a quick primer.
When writng freelance you need "clips". But how do you get "clips" if your work hasn't been published yet? Here are a few suggestions.
Here are some free writing and article ideas to get you writing.
As a business owner, writing a marketing plan will help you to define who you are going to speak to, how your are going to reach them, what action you want them to take, how much this activity is going to cost your company and how you plan to get the product to your customers
Writing science fiction and breaking into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy market may not be as hard as you think. Here are some tried and true ways.
Writing thank you notes isn't difficult, but it takes some thought. Here's a good basic guide to the when, why and how of thank you notes.
Local newspapers occasionally give away complimentary tickets to a theatrical production, in exchange for a honest and objective review. Here's how to write your critique of a play.
When writing,using quotations in your work is a common thing to do, but is it an infringement of the copyright act?