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A guide to the London Underground for visitors including how to get the best value, safety tips and 'etiquette' on the Tube.
When was Maui settled? How was it discovered? What else should you know about the history of Maui, Hawaii?
New York's African Burying Ground was in use from around 1697 to 1794. When human remains were uncovered as the federal government was constructing an office building in 1991, it led to the discovery of the cemetery beneath the office towers of downtown Manhattan.
Aside from the Guggenheim Museum, there is only one Frank Lloyd Wright structure in all of New York City. The Crimson Beech, a rare example of Wright's prefabricated houses, stands on Lighthouse Hill on Staten Island.
The landmarked Kreuzer-Pelton House on the North Shore of Staten Island was built in 1722. It was occupied for the duration of the Revolution, mainly by British General Cortlant Skinner as command headquarters for the American Loyalist party.
What are some top-end accommodations when staying in Kailua and Kona, Hawaii? What makes them nice places?
What can you expect of the accommodations in Oahu? How much can you expect to spend?
Where are the best accommodations on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai? Why is there only one hotel there? What are some other accommodation options?
Where are the best accomodations in Maui? How do you save money on a hotel room?
Advice and information on adventure vacations, from luxury safaris to backcountry hikes
Alcatraz is perhaps the most well-known federal prison in history. Used as a home to early Indians, a military base and a prison, Alcatraz Island has a history all its own.
All-inclusive vacation to Aruba and basic information for people traveling to Aruba.
An American in Paris tells the story of being offered a job in Paris as an internet producer at the age of fifteen. With it came freedom, and the path to the perfect future…
Travel guide to Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s collection of small shops, cafés, restaurants and culture make it a beautiful place to visit during the spring and summer months.
Looking for an Anne Rice tour of New Orleans? Learn how to visit the city through her eyes.
Antarctica information: it lies at the very bottom of the world - come explore the icey landscape that is Antarctica.
A guide to Arizona ghost towns and mines.
Spanish men under De Soto were first to explore the Arkansas territory. Learn how this led to Arkansas becoming a state.
Visit Arnold's amusement park in Iowa if you are looking for an economical yet entertaining and family filled summer getaway or vacation.
Aruba tourism & shopping ideas. Oranjestad, the nation's capital, offers many shopping opportunities, but here's where to find the real bargains.
Asbury Park, begun after the Civil War as a Methodist retreat community, soon lost its Christian character to become one of the most famous amusement centers in the world.
When it comes to fun in the sun, North Carolina’s Atlantic Beach, located on the Atlantic’s shimmering Crystal Coast, has something for everyone.
A vacation in Atlantic City, from its casinos and boardwalk to its ocean shore, is sure to have activities for everyone.
What are some sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Honokowai, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Kaanapali, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are attractions you don't want to miss in Kau, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some of the attractions you don't want to miss in Kaunakakai, Hawaii? What makes these sights unique?
What are some sights you don't want to miss in Kaunolu, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Kihei, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some of the attractions you don't want to miss when visiting Lahaina, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss in the Halawa Valley in Molokai, Hawaii? What makes these places unique?
The nomadic Aborigines culture possesses certain survival skills in order for them to survive in the harsh harsh environment of the Australian desert.
A summary of Australia's most popular landmarks & tourist attractions.
Bandera, Texas - The Cowboy Capital of the World. A small off the beaten path town, dotted with dude ranches and golf courses.
Banff is Canada's most popular national park. Hot springs,a Victorian resort hotel,and many summer and winter activities make it a world-renowned attraction.
Tourism in Barcelona ! Barcelona's parties have the most intesting and exciting elements of any parties from around the world.
Description of the location, recreational activities and accommodations that can be found at Barren River Lake State Resort Park in Kentucky.
Great rivers and lakes for bass fishing in Tennessee. Tips on bass fishing.
Travel to tiny Berea, Kentucky, known as the arts & crafts capitol of the state.
Finding the best honeymoon destination is all about deciding what you want from your holiday.
Where are the best places for entertainment in Honolulu? What makes them the best places?
Why do walruses live in Alaska? Where are the best places to find a walrus in the state?
Where are the best places to camp and hike on Maui, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
Tasmania is known as the holiday isle of Australia. If you enjoy scenic beaches, camping, good food, fishing and a relaxed atmosphere, then travel to Tasmania.
Black Mountain, North Carolina, just east of Asheville, is a great place to shop, swim, enjoy nature trails and scenic vistas, and even golf.
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations that can be found at Blue Lick Battlefield State Resort Park in Kentucky.
Bodie, California isn't a Hollywood stage set but a genuine old west ghost town. This page offers history and tourist tips on the state park.
The Bodie Island Lighthouse is one of the Mid-Atlantic lighthouses. Located on North Carolina's Atlantic coast, it's light is still in use today.
Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhist temple and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is full of story of life, built with great effort in fifty years.
Where can you find the best breweries in the United States? Why are they the best? What kinds of beers do they brew?
17th century cemeteries are scarce in Brooklyn, New York despite its European settlement in the 1630s. Learn where the existing ones are and what to expect.
The oldest urban park in America, Fort Greene was the site of a fierce battle in the early days of the American Revolution. It holds the remains of Americans who died on British prison ships at anchor in New York Harbor.
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations that can be found at Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park in Kentucky.
Tips about canoeing the Buffalo River. Places to go and what you will need.
Muscle Beach has been a California tourist sight for 70 years. Learn about its rich history.
There's nothing quite like a scenic camping vacation in Alaska. Here are some tips.
What do you need to know about camping andhiking in Oahu? Where are the best places to camp and hike?
Guide to camping in Florida: Florida is more than just sun and citrus. Florida offers some of the most beautiful, talked about campsites in the world.
New York may be famous for it's big city, melting pot feel, but don't count this state out for camping. Nature lovers will be surprised at the amount of mountain based, tree coated campgrounds that New York has to offer.
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, tallest brick lighthouse in the U.S., was built in 1870 on one of the barrier islands that constitute North Carolina’s Outer Banks.
Cape Lookout Lighthouse, located on North Carolina’s Atlantic coast, has an interesting history. One of the Mid-Atlantic lighthouses, it was completed in 1812.
This is a complete listing of each of the United States and their capitals.
The Carnegie Libraries of New York: steel magnate Andrew Carnegie built four delightfully petite and pretty public libraries on Staten Island. One hundred years later, they still serve Island children.
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations that can be found at Carter Caves State Resort Park in Kentucky.
Casino guide: These are the best casinos to gamble in, along with their best hotels. Rates vary according to the season. It's best to book through a travel agent.
An overview of Wyandotte Cave in Southern Indiana.
Martin place is the bustling newer city centerin Sydney, while a few blocks away the historical town hall and queen victoria building are the old center.
This area used to be a market where residents would come and sell their goods. Now, it makes a great place for a quaint, outdoor experience. With outdoor restaurants, and plenty of stores of any type and variety, this is a favorite location for people visiting the city.
If you want to see some Civil War sites in the city of Atlanta, here's a little help.
Columbia state park, near Yosimite National Park, is a great place to take the family.
Wisconsin is more than just ski friendly. There's a long, proud heritage here that serious skiers will want to become a part of.
From thousands of tee pees to hand games, dancing, and rodeo, you will find many things to see and do at the annual Crow Fair.
The shops, exhibits, and architecture of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse itself warrant a trip to the North Carolina historical monument.
In the Czech Republic tourism centers around Prague. The surrounding countryside, however, holds several possibilities for day-long excursions: castles, breweries, ancient cities, spa towns among them.
Description of the location, recreational activities and accommodations at Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park in Kentucky.
A playground for adults, Dave and Buster's provides the Philadelphia waterfront with food, drink, and fun.
Deadwood, South Dakota, has seen it's share of ups and downs. Today, it's popular again, thanks to gambling and the Old West legacy, of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.
What is Diamond Head in Waikiki? What was the landmark used for? What happens there?
Where are some good places to dine when you're in Honolulu? What makes them good places to eat?
A guide to discount shopping in New York. Learn where to find the best deals in the Big Apple.
Driving across America without spending all your money is possible. How to get in your car and see America from LA to New York.
Discover how you can see the famous mummies and tombs, hassle-free. Egyptians were fascinated with death but also celebrated life.
Travel to Llanelli, a town in Wales, United Kingdom and visit the Eisteddfod, a folk festival and Wales' answer to international culturalism.
Where are the best places to go for entertainment in Waikiki? What makes them unique? What do you need to know about them?
Jenolan Caves are located on the fringe of the Blue Mountains. These caves have been open to the public since 1867, internationally known limestone formations.
Does extra terrestrial life exist? Is there the possibility that we may not be alone in the universe, that we may be one of many life supporting planets in this galaxy alone?
interesting travel stories come from unlooked for trouble, such as almost freezing to death in the Transylvanian Mountains, not an uneventful trip to the beach.
A brief description of Fannin County, Georgia, and things to do in the area.
Featherdale Wildlife Park is Australias' largest private collection of native animals. Located just forty minutes from Sydney, see in in an afternoon.
Where are the best places to dine in Waikiki, Hawaii? What makes them unique? Where do you find these upscale places?
Where are the best fine dining restaurants on Maui, Hawaii? What makes them nice?
Florence,the Tuscan city that pioneered the renaissance in Medieval Europe is a truly beautiful city with numerous attractions.These include the world famous Galleria Del Accademia,the Duomo, the Galleria Degli Uffizi and wonderful food and wine.
What are some flowers and animals you'll find on the Hawaiian island of Lanai? Why do they grow and live here? What do you need to know about them?
A favorite French Canadian legends is the "The Witched Canoe", or "La Chasse-galerie", a tale of loggers who make a deal with the Devil.
Built in 1964 at Frying Pan Shoals, North Carolina, the Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower has guided mariners to Wilmington for years.
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations that can be found at General Butler State Resort Park in Kentucky.
Provides helpful tips on how to order beer and tipping in German beer bars. Includes basic instructions and phrases to guarantee you'll fit right in.
A trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a tour through history. Attractions at this Civil War battlefield are many and diverse.
Short overview of the history of Gilmer County, Georgia.
What do you need to know about Glacier Bay National Park? How can you tour it?
A travel/historical guide about Glastonbury, England. The ruins at Glastonbury Abbey have long been associated with King Arthur and Guinevere. Learn more!
Goa,India is a popular Winter sunshine destination and has many fun and beautiful excursions.
What are the shopping locations you don't want to miss when in Honolulu? What makes them unique? Why should you shop there?
Enjoy Tennssee nature at its finest at these great camping spots.
Newcomers to Great Smoky Mountains National Park should try these three main motor routes to begin their exploring: Newfound Gap Road, Cades Cove Road, and Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail.
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations that can be found at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park in Kentucky.
If you are making the overseas move to Guam, here are some tips to save you some money and your prized possessions.
A brief guide to London. Includes some alternative places to visit, suggestions for how to stay safe and general hints on getting about the city.
What happened at haunted cemetery at Hawk Mountain. Horrifying and true story.
A guide to haunted houses in the midwest. Stories and locations of haunted houses from Iowa to Illinios.
This article takes a look at the haunted buildings in our nation's capitol.
What do you need to know about the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park? What makes it special? What is the history behind it?
What are some popular Hawaiian festivals? When do they happen? Why are they so popular?
What is a Hawaiian luau? Where can you see one in Honolulu? How much does it cost?
What are some national parks in Hawaii that you'll want to see?
What are Hawaii's national wildlife refuges? What will you see in each of them? Where are they?
If you're hiking through scenic Alaska, don't miss these incredible trails!
Don't forget to list Florida on your hiking schedule this year. Trek the Everglades or cruise through subtropical areas with more than enough wildlife to keep you moving.
Wisconsin may be known for it's dairy products and quiet, midwestern values, but don't gloss over this hiker friendly State or it's many unknown hiker's paradises.
Tennessee is ripe with wonderful historic parks that are a great entertainment for the whole family.
Visit historic philadelphia. A guide to history sights and little known secret sights in Philadelphia mapped out for a walking tour.
There are many historic sights in Louisiana. History is in the making, but in moving forward, we must look to our past.
Tennesse's rolling countryside is not the only thing that will catch your eye. Tennessee's hills abound with historical sites that are an attraction to many each year.
Here is a list of some places to get a great hot dog in Chicago.
The 4 best wineries in New York State are in the Hudson Valley. Here is a brief guide including the times of year and days of the week that they are open.
Where can you find the best hula dances in Hawaii? How often are they performed?
What makes Hyderabad India so special is the way it merges modernity with tradition. Here's how modern technology lives hand in hand with historic monuments.
Tourism tips for the person considering a visit to Iceland from climate to suggested clothing to unusual local delicacies.
Wild elephants are not friendly with man. They are given suitable training by trained mahouts and taught to obey the mahouts commands.
Listing of Indiana's State Parks including locations and features of each along with contact information.
Where are the most inexpensive accomodations when you visit Waikiki, Hawaii? What do you need to know about them?
Where should you stay when you're looking for an inexpensive place while in the French Riviera? What are these accomodations like?
Where are some good inexpensive restaurants in Waikiki, Hawaii? Where are they? What do you need to know about them?
Where are some good inexpensive restuarants on Maui, Hawaii? Where are they? How much do they cost?
China is a huge country, and is visited by many tourists, but just what is attracting them?
Information on dolphins: the interactive dolphin tank at Sea World, Texas
Information on India: A journey through the mystical lands of India witnessing it's diverse culture, rich heritage, different languages and dialects, various attires and, of course, poverty to it's extreme
Information about the provinces and capital cities of beautiful, sunny South Africa.
Evidence does not explain how a trip through the Bermuda Triangle lead to a journey to who knows where. Learn about the Bermuda Triangle.
Baltimore's Inner Harbor is home to the Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood and offers a variety of entertainment, shopping and sightseeing year round.
A travel guide to the isle of Capri, off the Italian coast. It's a small, but beautiful island, rich with history.
The Blue Mountains in Jamaica are home to the famous coffee, but they also offer many activities and things to do for the tourist and traveller alike.
Clothing and climate facts and figures for Jamaica - your trip of a lifetime.
The James K. Polk home is a wonderful place to visit for the entire family. It offers a part of our history that is hard to ignore.
Business cards in Japan are not only used for business. If you are planning on visiting Japan for more than a couple of weeks, here is some information you can't afford to be without!
Japanese funerals are very lavish and quite different to the Western style. Learn more.
The Japanese new year has to be experienced to be believed... the sights, the colours, the sounds and the people all make this the biggest of Japan's festivals.
Japanese Noh theatre performers are trained from childhood to master the technique of acting, while your face is behind a carved mask and your stage is a wooden floor.
In Japan, convenience stores and fast food restaurants offer healthy alternatives to America's grease laden burger joints. Forget the chijauha, it's time for a rice dog!
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations that can be found at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park in Kentucky.
The South Coast, Jervis Bay, is famous for its white sand beaches and clear water. Visit Pebbly Beach and feed and pet wild kangaroos.
An analysis of Kanjin campaigns by Buddhist monks in the Kamakura period of Japanese history.
What is Kapiolani Park in Waikiki, Hawaii? What makes it unique? What is the park all about?
The sites of Kauai; It's majestic mountains, rushing waterfalls, and cool, clear streams flowing into the Pacific Ocean are just some of the beautiful sites you'll find on this Hawaiian island.
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations that can be found at Kenlake State Resort Park in Kentucky.
It is the Kennecott Copper Mine at Bingham County, Utah is the world's biggest man made hole - a modern marvel. Come explore the depths of this monstrosity for yourself.
Learn about all the things that can be seen at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Description of the location, accommodations, and recreational activities that can be found at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park near Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake.
10 State Historical Sites in Kentucky with desciptions of their locations and activities.
Several Kentucky tourist attractions that are only a short drive away from Mammoth Cave National Park.
What are the best sights and beaches in Kilauea, Hawaii? What should you know about them? Where are they?
In 1883 the Indonesian island of Krakatoa was blown apart by one of history's worst volcanic eruptions and after effects were felt years later.
Kuala Lumpur a fast-growing city is now attracting a lot of young budget travelers.It is easy to find affordable places to stay,cheap eats and inexpensive sightseeing excursions.
Description of the location, accommodations, and recreational activities at Lake Barkley State Resort Park in Kentucky.
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park.
A chance to ride on a real pirate ship and listen to the tales of Lake Erie.This Ohio boating adventure from Sandusky to Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island.
The history of the creation of Lake Powell, in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, which is visited by more than four million people each year. Glen Canyon Dam was built to regulate water levels of the Colorado River. With the creation of the dam came the creation of Lake Powell,
What to bring and what to expect when planning a house boating vacation on Lake Powell. What to leave home: your worries!
Ross Perot has a ranch on this most beautiful of lakes, which makes a great summertime retreat. You can sail, fish or swim here, and it's large enough that you can find a small island and claim it as your own for a day.
Lancaster County Pennsylvania is a calm, serene place to vacation that doesn't have to cost much money. This is a compliation of reasonable priced attractions.
What are the different languages that are spoken in Hawaii? Why are they spoken there?
There's more to Las Vegas than gambling. The theme hotels and their attractions can keep a visitor busy and content without ever entering a casino.
Letchworth State Park is located in Wyoming County, New York, along the Genesee River. Nature lovers can swim, hike, raft and picnic at the Grand Canyon of the East.
Barbeque is BIG business in Lexington, North Carolina. Every October, the city hosts a barbeque festival and folks flock in to treat their taste buds.
The slum dwellers of Calcutta are living a life of poverty, illiteracy, insecurity and much else.
In 1835 The Roanoke River Light, a three-masted sailing ship converted into a light station, was erected to guide sailors to North Carolina's Roanoke River.
Description and location of Lincoln State Park in Lincoln City, IN including the park's recreational activities and accommodations.
Vacation in Mexico lately? Never want to leave? Well you don't have to! Read on to learn how to extend your vacation and live in Mexico. You can work or retire in paradise!
Here's some travel information for first-time visitors to London. London can be an intimidating city, but it's also one of the world's most fascinating places.
Learn the history of London's Westminister Abbey.
How possession of Louisiana changed through time until it became a state. Includes state capitol, flower and bird.
Luxury vacation possibilities...
Majorca,the largest island in the Balearics,is replete with orange and lemon groves,good beaches,windmills,and there is good golfing.Pearls are a good buy.
Mammoth Cave National Park is home to the largest cave system in the world. Here are locations and descriptions of 7 cave tours available near Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.
Description of the location, history, cave formations, cave life, and underground tours in Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.
Brief description of the names, durations, lenghts, and highlights of various cave tours available at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.
Manly Beach is considered the jewel of the northern beaches of Sydney. Pristine white beaches and semi-tropical climate make this a resort spot loved by all.
A tourist guide to Mason City Iowa, home to Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, Bill Baird the master puppeteer and Meredith Willson author of the ‘Music Man.’
Maui tourism info: where are the best places to stay? What are some of the lesser-known places to visit Maui?
What are some of the flowers and birds you'll see when you visit Hawaii? Why do they live and grow there?
A look at the treasure hunter Mel Fisher and his recovery of the Spanish ship Atocha.
Menomonie, Wisconsin may look like a sleepy little city, but this community is steeped in history and offers the whole family a bevy of entertainment
Metamora, Indiana is a canal town from yesteryear. There are shops in the original buildings as well as buggy rides, canal rides, and train rides.
Minnesota is a camper's dream state. With lakes aplenty and thousands of acres of woodlands, this is one State the diehard camper can't miss.
Minnesota is a great place to go hiking. Rich in the sites and sounds of nature, you won't want to miss this hiking hotspot.
Mohican State Park in Ohio is one of the finest outdoor areas for canoeing, swimming, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
Mount Rushmore national park in the Black Hills of South Dakota provides a moment in history that can be shared by everyone.
A brief description of Mousetail Landing State park.
Mousetail Landing State Park is a park that caters to the whole family.
Mount Mayon is the near-perfect volcanic cone located in the province of Albay,Philippines. It is one of the country's major tourist attractions.
Mt. Shasta is a mountain for everyone. In addition to the exhilarating climbs and other activities, the Mystic Mountain holds secrets that few have seen.
Mulu cave in Malaysia: the biggest cave in the world!
Planning a vacation to Europe soon? Visit Munich, Germany. Located in Bavaria, Munich is surrounded with Alpine mountains, lakes, fairy-tale castles, museums, and more.
What are some museums and gardens you don't want to miss while visiting Maui, Hawaii? What makes them special?
Come to Chicago and visit the museums. Chicago is a city rooted in history, yet is quite progressive. Its museums have exhibits to interest everyone.
Tourism information about the historic charm seaport town of Mystic, Connecticut.
This small town in southern Indiana was once called an "art colony in the wilderness." Nashville is still a popular spot for travelers.
Casino gambling is becoming an increasingly prevelant problem on Native American Indian Reservations, and the issue has sparked a wealth of controversy.
Description of the location, accommodations, and recreational activities that are found at Natural Bridge State Resort Park in Kentucky.
Visitors come to New Harmony, Indiana from all over the world to learn about the utopia inspired by George Rapp.
How New Mexico became a state, including capitol, state bird and flower.
New Orleans is the city Mardi Gras and the French Quarter! Of Cajun cuisine and southern festivals. Head to Louisiana for fun-filled holidays!
New York City on a budget: tips for visitors, places to vist, including Broadway, that are reasonably priced.
The best New York state camp grounds. Directions and accomodations are included.
Newfound Lake is one of the top ten cleanest Lakes in the United States. You can either spend time relaxing on a quiet get away or plan an action packed experience.
Newgrange is an ancient neolithic tombsite in County Meath Ireland. A mystical and haunting experience, it is open to the public and a truly fascinating place to visit!
Traveling to Newport soon? Newport, Rhode Island has long been known as "the city by the sea." Come see what makes this tiny seaside island a vacationer's paradise.
Vermont is a foliage favorite among sightseers. There is something special for every season, though. Here are a list of the best festivals.
Nunavut is the newest of Canada's territories. Discover more facts about the Canadian north and its Inuit and Aboriginal peoples and cultures.
Oak Island's mysterious money pit continues to baffle Nova Scotian's and fortune hunters . For over 2 centuries all attempts to unlock its secrets have failed.
The black, white, and gray striped Oak Island Lighthouse, near Southport, North Carolina, marks the entrance to the historic Cape Fear River.
Established after the Civil War as a Methodist revival camp, the tent city attracted 10,000 summer visitors. Ocean Grove, New Jersey is now a site on the National Register of Historic Places.
Ocean Grove, New Jersey, is a Victorian seaside resort on the National Register of Historic Places. The Great Auditorium seats 6,000 and has been an important cultural and music center for more than 100 years.
What are some different ocean tours you can take off the shore of Maui, Hawaii? What do you need to know about them?
North Carolina's Ocracoke Lighthouse, halfway between Cape Hatteras and Cape Lookout,was built in 1823, 100 years after the pirate Blackbeard had lived there.
Muncich's Oktoberfest beer festival should definitely be high atop your list of European travel plans, whether you're a beer connoisseur or love a good party.
The best beach spots in Orange County, home of Southern California's best beaches, told by a knowledgeable local.
Steens mountain: will the state gain a second nationally designated area, or will it remain unprotected?
Oshkosh isn't just the name of a company that makes overalls. This Midwestern city is also famous for the EAA fly-in that brings in planes from around the world.
What are some no-fail ways of packing a suitcase so clothes won't wrinkle? Find out here!
Darling Harbour is one of Sydneys finest entertainment, tourist areas. Restaurants, Imax Theatre, Sega World and the Sydney Aquarium are a few of the attractions.
The Riverwalk of San Antonio, acclaimed as one of the most original and successful downtown renovation projects, is a unique dining and shopping experience.
Learn how the survivors of The Arizona can be cremated and put back into the water with their crewmates who died in pearl harbor.
The Confederation Bridge - modern engineering marvel,the long-awaited link between two of Canada's Atlantic provinces, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations that can be found at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park in Kentucky.
Piggot, Arkansas, a town of just under 4,000 residents, is an attractive town with beautiful homes and scenery. But Piggot is an out-of-the-way town, and one doesn't just stop there while on the way someplace else.
Description of the location, recreational activities, and accommodations that can be found at Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Kentucky.
A visit to Plymouth plantation in Massachusetts today can give you a new appreciation for the hardships our forefathers faced in the name of religious freedom.
What are the best places to stay in Poipu, Hawaii? What should you know about them? How much do they cost?
Discover Portmeirion: Wales' Little Italy in the heart of Gwynedd. Learn the history of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis its architect, a rural visionary and conservationist.
This article describes five of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Chicago. Includes recommendations for specialties of these restaurants as well.
What are some inexpensive restaurants in Hilo, Hawaii? What makes them good places? What should you know about them?
What are some good places to eat in Kailua and Kona, Hawaii? Why are they exceptional!
What are some good places to eat in Poipu, Hawaii? What makes them good places to eat? Where are they?
Where are some good restaurants on Maui, Hawaii? Find out here.
Rhyolite, Nevada is just one of the many ghost towns that dot the Silver State. Take a journey and discover its haunting beauty.
Historic Richmond Town on Staten Island, New York is a living museum of a 19th century village.
Description of the seven roller coaster that can be found at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom including their names, length, passenger capacity, manufacturer, years of operation, etc.
Description of the location, accommodations, and recreational activities for Rough River Dam State Resort Park in West-Central Kentucky.
Sam Poo Kong temple in Semarang, Indonesia built in 1416 to honor admiral cheng ho and used for Buddhist worship with Barongsai show and ceremonies.
With a name like Santa Claus, this little town in southern Indiana really celebrates the Christmas season.
Saugatuck, Michigan: Explore the harbor village just miles from Holland's Tulip Festival. This quaint community offers dune-lined beaches, picnicing, recreation, and a paradise for the sportsman.
An article about Saugatuck, Michigan and the various vacation opportunities offered by the small town.
There is a unique breed of river terrapin,the batagur baska,that inhabit the Perak River in Malaysia. They were in real danger of extinction until the Perak Wildlife Department stepped in and developed a terrapin sanctuary.This action has helped reverse the trend and the terrapin are breeding again,much to the delight of conservationists.
What are the most popular places in the United States to own vacation homes?
All about Sedona, Arizona, with it's incredible red rock formations and the mysterious vortex.
Here are some selected Hawaiian words you need to know if you'll be visiting Hawaii soon. The language of many native Hawaiians is called Pidgin.
In Japan, "Out with Devils! Come in Luck!" is shouted every year in February while throwing dry beans at a "devil". Why does this happen?
What is the significance of 7, 5 and 3 for a Japanese festival and where did the tradition come from?
The Shinkansen bullet train brings a small island even closer together and, in April 1999, the latest shinkansen achieved the world record fastest train title with a speed of 552 km/h (345 mph).
Just what gifts can you buy in Jamaica that will make excellent gifts? Hints and tips for shopping in Jamaica.
Although Prague is not a shopping capital like Rome and London, many of the local wares make charming souvenirs and gifts.
Shopping in Rome: Italy is known for it's bargains in leather goods, but there are also some unusual specialty items there that you can't get at home
What are some sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Kapalua and Napili, Hawaii?
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Hanalei, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Koloa, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some sights and beaches you don't want to miss in North Kohala, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are the sights you don't want to miss in Wailuku, Hawaii? What makes them interesting?
What are some sights you don't want to miss in Kula, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some sights you don't want to miss in Lihue, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some sights you don't want to miss in Makawao, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Poipu, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What are some sights you don't want to miss in Waimea, Kauai? What should you know about them?
If you plan on sightseeing in Florence there are many places you will not want to miss.
The Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island, New York was built in grand style as a home for retired sailors. It contains one of the finest collections of Greek Revival architecture in the country. Learn more.
The architecture of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center is world famous. Funded by a private endowment, the once seamen's retirement home was built in the grand manner in the 1830s and continuing throughout the 19th century.
Discover the real Sound of Music with a vacation in Salzburg Austria. See the actual locations used for the academy award winning movie musical and relive your favorite scenes.
Some tips for first time travellers to South Africa.
Haig Point Lighthouse, on Daufuskie Island near Hilton Head, South Carolina, was built in 1872 and now serves as a Victorian Bed and Breakfast Inn.
South Carolina’s Hunting Island lighthouse located near Beaufort, was originally constructed in 1859 and rebuilt in 1875 after it was destroyed during the Civil War.
During World War II, South Carolina's Leamington Lighthouse was near the site of Camp McDougal, and was used by the Confederate Shore Patrol.
Description of Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, Indiana including location, attractions, accomodations, activities and more.
Find some of Vermont's best places to eat in St. Albans. Most people look at a small town and travel to the city for dining out, the variety of restaurants in St. Albans will easily prove you wrong.
Interesting sites to see in America's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.
What is the history behind Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska? What do you need to know about it when touring it?
St.Louis has turned from a small French trading post on the Mississippi river to city with many great attractions to visit.
St. Petersburg has evolved throughout the centuries to become one of the most unique cities in Russia and the world.
How the state of Arizona, a wildly rugged area with canyons, dry plains, lush forest and bordered on the west by the Colorado Rockies, became a state.
Information about 9 state parks located in Southern Indiana. Includes locations, attractions, accomodations and more.
Listing and description of State Parks in North Georgia and the many offerings they have for visitors to the area.
Vacation getaway in Storm Lake,Iowa. Here are the tourist highlights of this wonderful area of Iowa.
5 'off the beaten path' swimming holes in tourist friendly Damariscotta, Maine. Directions and local information included.
Located in Darling Harbour, the Sydney aquarium is made up of three oceanariums with the most diverse collection of Australian and ocean aquatic life in the world famous aquarium.
Sydney is a city full of lovely parks and gardens. City workers find these a lovely oasis of tranquility mid day and so will visitors.
A vacation travel guide to the Grand Canyon, one of the natural wonders of the world.
The Taronga Park Zoo in Mossman, on Sydneys Harbor ,is one of the most beautiful and diverse zoo settings in the world.
Tennesse is filled with tons of vacation getaways...but here you will find a small list of the great, relaxing places to go that won't take a huge chunk out of your pocket.
A brief description of some great Thai restaurants in Chicago and the suburbs.
The city of Louisville, Kentucky is full of attractions. Learn more about the Derby city!
Africa is the second largest continent in the world. They have a very rich content of minerals including gold, diamonds and coal.
This articles looks at Hawaii's oldest food festival, the annual Kona Coffee Festival.
What are the arts that have been around for years and years on the island of Hawaii? Why were they so popular?
The Awesome Foursome challenge in New Zealand is an action packed adrenaline surging adventure you'll remember forever. Ready to take it? Read on.
Facts and information about the Bahamas Islands.
If you are planning a trip to Maryland, come to The Baltimore Zoo. They have a variety of ongoing activities year round.
What are the different beaches to visit near Koko Head and Waimanalo in Oahu? What makes these beaches unique? Why should you visit them? What do you need to know about them?
The Bermuda Triangle,also known as the Devil's Triangle, lies in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. It has been described as a mysterious dimension where unexplained tragedies, mostly maritime, occur. Learn more.
What are the best beaches on the Hawaiian island of Kauai? WHat makes them good beaches? What do you need to know about them?
What are the best guided tours to take on the Hawaiian island of Molokai? What makes them unique? What should you know about them?
What are the best places to watch whales in Alaska? Why are they the best places?
Why do caribou live in Alaska? Where are the best places to find them?
Why do Dall Sheep live in Alaska? What are they? Where are the best places to find them?
Where are the best places to snorkel and scuba on Maui, Hawaii? What makes them such great places?
The best Walt Disney World Resorts to stay at when vacationing in Orlando, Florida to get the most value for your money.
Where are the best deserted beaches in the U.S.? What makes them unique?
What are the best shopping malls on Maui? Where are they? What do you need to know about them?
What are the best ways to get around on the Hawaiian island of Molokai? Why are these methods best?
How should you travel to southeastern Alaska? Here are some tips.
Katoomba is a gateway to many magnificent sites in the Blue Mountains of Australia. Located close to Sydney, it is perfect for an excursion away.
Focuses on the family life of a small Canadian Donut Shop and how to become a regular and part of a tight society.
The Cape May County Park and Zoo, a great outing site and free of cost offers animals, picnic areas, rollerblade tracks and tot lots.
St. Elmo’s tourist attraction is the chipmunks that have resided there throughout history, making it one of the most visited ghost towns today.
This article is an overview of the Daniel Boone Festival held annually in Kentucky.
The Dead Sea is the saltiest lake in the world.It is associated with the archaeological finding of ancient scrolls related to biblical history. Learn more.
Fort Knox and the famous gold depository have fascinated people since it began in 1937. Here's some background on Fort Knox.
This famous tourist attraction is a its prime in the summer months. What things should you be sure to see when you visit the Quarter?
The river ganges is worshipped by millions who bathe in it daily. Yet, it is also heavily polluted. Learn all about Ganga - the holy waters.
WHere are the best golf coursees on Oahu? How much can you expect to spend?
Though France and England are not the countries most often associated with gothic architecture and gothic cathedrals, both nations played an integral role in the development of this classic style.
The Grand Canyon is the most extraordinary gorge in the United States. Its beauty surpasses the desert that surrounds it.
What is the Haleakala Mountain in Hawaii? What makes it special and breathtaking? What should you know about it?
A brief description of the haunted church. My experiences of visiting the church.
Andrew Jackson's home, the Hermitage, is located near Nashville, Tennessee. Today the home closely resembles the way it was it when Jackson left the presidency in 1837 until his death in 1845.
What is the history of the Hawaiian island of Niihau? What should you know about it?
What is the history of the Hawaiian island of Molokai? What should you know about it?
Where is the Lanai Island in Hawaii? What is the history of the island? What do you need to know about the island's history?
What is the history of the Kahoolawe Island in Hawaii? What do you need to know about the history of Kahoolawe Island?
What is the Honolulu Zoo all about? When is it open? How much does it cost? What will you see if you go there?
The Keats Shelley House on the Spanish Steps is part of Roman folklore. For generations distinguished artists ,writers and poets have visited the house to pay tribute to two of England's greatest poets.
The Lowry Arts Centre in a stunning waterside location at the heart of the redeveloped Salford Quays in Manchester.It has a unique and dynamic identity and takes its name from the widely acclaimed local painter L.S.Lowry
At Tokyo, Disneyland see the sights and feel the atmosphere of one of the world's most visited theme parks.
The Maryland Science Center is a fun and educational place to visit for both children and adults.
This famous home was the setting for the movie and book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." This article would showcase what the house is all about and what you need to know about it when you visit the Coastal Empire.
Information about music in the Maltese Islands.
The Sphinx at Giza - mystery or mere ego-trip? A look at its history, recent discoveries and how to get there.
Plan a visit to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Visit the exhibits, walk through an Amazon Rain Forest and dine at the Inner Harbor.
What makes the people living on the Hawaiian island of Molokai unique? What should you know about them?
The Powerhouse Museum is the largest museum in Australia. Housed in the shell of an old powerhouse, it is educational and diverse.
The rickshawpullers of Delhi University are invaluable in facilitating transport on campus. Their stories however have gone untold.
Tips for the tourist: The Road to Hana, an incredible 52-mile highway along 617 curves and 56 bridges through the breathtaking scenery of Maui.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio is the only place in the world to see, hear and feel the living history of this country's most electrifying musical genre.
The Rocks is Sydneys oldest section, built on the sandstone hills that surround the city. It is a historical and relaxing tourist area with original buildings.
The Roman colosseum was the center of entertainment in ancient Rome. It was also the deathplace of countless innocents. Come explore the fascinating history of Rome's Colosseum.
The Roman Villa at Chedworth, Britain was a far-flung outpost of the Roman Empire many centuries ago. The ruins remain today the Cotswold region.
The Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Admission is free and so are guided tours.
The Sahara Desert supports a wide variety of both human and animal life that have adapted in unusual ways to this harsh landscape.
The limestone snake pits at Narcisse, are one of a kind. Thousands of garter snakes emerge from hibernation to mate, returning in September to hibernate.
Ernest Hemingway's famous short story "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" can be examined from a variety of enlightening angles including symbolism, style and content
A brief guided tour through the shore towns of Southern New Jersey from Atlantic City to Cape May.
The splendours of the pyramids at the Giza plateau in Cairo, Egypt. A look at the history, new discoveries and how to get there.
Sydney Harbour bridge is the one of the longest one arch bridges in the world, holding some 53,000 tons of steel up over Sydney Harbour.
The Sydney Opera House is considered by some a modern wonder of the world. This impressive structure houses a world recognized performing arts center.
Step inside the Taj Mahal in India - and examine it's breath-taking beauty. Learn the incredible history of this modern day marvel.
The Tuscan city of Siena is a stunningly beautiful city with the delightful Piazza del Campo,the colorful Duomo,the eccentric Palio race and fine churches among its major attractions.
The island of Surtsey was formed by a submarine volcano that was over 130 meters below sea level. Learn more about this volcanic wonder.
A look at the famous Winchester Mystery House, located in San Jose, California.
A look at wolf park, a rare facility in northern Indiana which studies wolf behavior.
What are some adventurous things you can do on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai? What makes these activities unique when done here?
What are some good things you can do for free in Waikiki? When do these events happen? What do you need to know about them?
Learn about Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.
While on holiday, look no further than Thornbury Castle near Bristol in England if you're seeking the royal treatment.
Best places to spend your honeymoon! Where to go for the best beaches, sunshine, mountains, and romance!
Toronto tourist information: Toronto has many incredible things that most other Canadian and United states cities cannot offer. The sports museums and arts clearly seperate it and make it a unique city.
Tourism info for Juneau, Alaska? Learn what it has to offer.
Tourism tips: what are some good places to stay, eat and shop in Kau, Hawaii? What makes them good places?
Canada's capital city, Ottawa, is a mecca for tourism. Its many attractions include year-round family activities and a great exchange on U.S. currency.
Brief history and visitor's guide to Towns County, Georgia.
What are the best forms of transportation to use in Maui, Hawaii? Why?
What are the best ways to get around on the Hawaiian island of Lanai? What makes these ways the best?
Travel Aruba's various beaches, museums, casinos, and sights.
Discover Egypt's wonders from the relative comfort of a river Nile cruise.
What are some of the lesser-known places to visit Oahu? What are the main attractions? Where are the best places to stay?
What are some of the lesser-known places to visit on the island of Hawaii? What are the main attractions? Where are the best places to stay?
Island of Lanai tourist info: where are the best places to stay? What are some of the lesser-known places to visit the Hawaiian island of Lanai?
What are some of the lesser-known places to visit the Hawaiian island of Molokai? What are the main attractions? Where are the best places to stay?
Great trout fishing spots in Northern California. Try your luck for trophy trout or float in a tube and bring home dinner.
A breif overview of five places in Tucson that a tourist would want to visit.
Description and location of Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, IN including recreational activities and accommodations.
A short history of Tuscany, Italy - what to see, where to stay, what to eat, what to shop for, etc.
Tuscora Park is a must-visit family day-trip in Ohio with kiddee rides, concerts, concessions, and one of the only true carousels left in the world.
A brief history and current overview of Union County, Georgia.
Where are the most upscale accomodations in Waikiki, Hawaii? What are they? What are their ameninities? What do you need to know about them?
When in Boston, the USS Constitution Musuem and tour should not be missed.
Planning to vacation in Columbus, Ohio? There are 'big' things to do but there are also many small and unique travel stops.
Planning a vacation in Texas? This article will discuss the best places to travel to in the lone star state.
Planning a beach vacation in Destin, Florida? Discover more about beautiful Destin, Florida, situated between Pensacola and Panama City on the Gulf of Mexico’s Emerald Coast.
An insider's guide to Lake Powell Arizona and Glen Canyon National Dam from a resident.
Popular spots on virginia beach for tourism - restaraunts, clubs, and attractions - are covered in this article.
The Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park tells the story of the 36th president through its Visitor Center, his boyhood home, the Johnson Settlement, and the LBJ ranch.
What do you need to know when you're going to visit Pearl Harbor in Hawaii? What are the parts of Pearl Harbor that you don't want to miss?
Visiting Winfield Colorado, the cemetery,a miner's cabin and schoolhouse, and the roads leading up to them and the people who lived and died there.
What are some sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Wailea, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
Orlando, in Central Florida, is a great place to vacation. Disney parks (like Magic Kingdom) are enjoyable when strategies are used to maximize the experience.
Warwick Castle, locally proclaimed the "greatest Medieval castle in all of Britain," is located Northwest of London. Here's what you can see.
Washington DC tourism: there are so many things to do in Washington D.C. Here's a list of monuments, tours, and places not to miss.
Watsons Bay is said to be the most picturesque of Sydneys small bays. The Gap provides dramatic cliff top lookouts to the Pacific Ocean.
Wells, Maine is a town on the northern coast of Maine that is a gem. Try your next vacation there, and you will not be disappointed.
in western North Carolina, from Carl Sandburg's farm up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Mt. Mitchell, mountain lore and hiking give visitors a mesmerizing experience of the Smokie Mountains.
The original Saint Paul's Cathedral was said to be built for God and exist for everyone. Learn all about St. Pauls Cathedral.
What is stone henge? Who built the Stonehenge megalith and why,has yet to be solved. Was it Merlin, the Druids, extraterrestrials? Is Stonehenge a doorway into the future?
Stonehenge has been called "the most important prehistoric monument in all of Britain." Recognized across the world, this stone circle continues to awe and amaze all who see it.
What is the Mauna Kea Mountain? What makes it unique? What should you know about it?
If you are thinking of going to Runaway Bay, Jamaica this summer there are many activities and sports to enjoy, plus many places to visit.
Description and location of Whitewater State Park in Liberty, Indiana including recreational activities and accommodations at the park.
Brief desription of some of the different varieties of wildlife in Tennessee.
Some attractions in Wildwood, New Jersey; a resort town that history and time has forgotten.
Find out how this little town managed to "seceed" from the state of Wisconsin and how a simple mapmaker's mistake made this riverside community famous.
Wisconsin is more than just America's Dairyland. If you're a diehard biker, you'll want to gear up for some of the most bike friendly rides in the world.
Wisconsin Dells, located in southern Wisconsin is a vacationers paradise. With multiple water parks, tours, a casino, wax museums, art shops and museums and arifacts, this area has been a hotspot for years. Come take a peak inside the largest and most traveled area in Wisconsin.
As the Yosemite National Park enters it's 110th year, learn about the attractions that have amazed people for over a century.