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Bill Goldberg has changed the world of professional wrestling. He emerged as a nobody on the wrestling scene and upset a middle card wrestler named Hugh Morrus. Then he went on an unprecedented 18-month undefeated streak where he beat Raven, Sting, Hulk Hogan and others. His popularity is not due to catchphrases (though Fear the Spear is classic) or his talking ability. People respect his athleticism and brute force.
During this streak he won every belt imaginable. He first picked up the Intercontinental belt against Raven-literally beating up eight men. Then he moved on to fight the entire NWO to earn the championship belt in front of a sold out Georgia Dome.
The amazing thing about the sold out Georgia Dome was that all the fans were cheering Goldberg’s name. Hollywood Hogan usually got some cheers at all the venues. But the night he called out Goldberg’s name the crowd cheered for the hero. The Goldberg cheer was the loudest pop ever received by a single wrestler.
Besides his initial winning streak, Goldberg has two of the best moves in wrestling. His spear can come at any time and usually makes his opponents limp. The spear can make a quiet crowd go nuts in a hurry. Second, all wrestlers have lost after receiving a jackhammer. It just knocks them out.
Recently Goldberg has been injured and WCW’s ratings have suffered. The day he returned WCW had a huge jump in the ratings. The biggest draw has turned into a heel or bad guy, but the crowd still cheers anyway. Goldberg has been the biggest stud in wrestling and it should continue well into the next decade.