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If you're a Saturday afternoon athlete or a daily athlete for a sports team, you're likely no stranger to injuries. Injuries can range from anything from a sprain that puts you sitting on the bench for a couple days to a broken bone that can sideline you for weeks. Here are some common sports injuries and some tips on how you can avoid having them occur to you.

Knee injuries. These injuries are typically found in athletes participating in basketball, tennis, or running. You can easily injure your knee if you happen to instantly rotate your knee. This can happen if you have to immediately stop and turn. In order to keep this from happening, you need to lift weights and bike in order to build strong leg muscles. If you have strong legs, you're less likely to have problems.
Ankle injuries. These injuries are typically found in any sport that requires running. This could include tennis, basketball, or jogging, among others. The typical ankle injury happens when you overstretch your foot. It can happen also happen if you twist your ankle by landing in a hole in the ground you don't see beforehand or if you have to stop suddenly and turn. The best thing you can do to prevent ankle injuries is make sure your ankle joints are warmed up. Stretch well.
Elbow injuries. These are injuries typically occurring in golf or tennis players. It happens when you rotate your hands in up-and-down motions repeatedly, like if you would swing your golf club or tennis racket improperly. It can happen if you put too much tension on your elbow. The best way to prevent elbow injuries is to increase the strength in that join. Build your forearm muscles and squeeze a rubber ball frequently.
Back injuries. These are injuries that tennis and racquetball players traditionally acquire. It happens when you rotate the lower part of your body at an abnormally stressful manner. To prevent back pain, you need to stretch properly. Before you exercise each time, be sure to go through traditional back stretching exercises.
Shoulder injuries. These are injuries that commonly occur in baseball players, tennis players, or golfer, among others. Any sport in which you raise your arms above your head puts you at risk for shoulder injury. They are normally caused by people overexerting their shoulder muscles. Once you think you've been injured at your shoulder, rotate your shoulder yourself constantly. If you don't keep it active, it can cause even greater shoulder problems. Stretching your shoulders regularly can help prevent this problem.