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The successful career enjoyed by Arnold Palmer, along with its longevity, has led to the man being labelled as immortal. While this might be going a little over the top, he has over the years proved himself to be one of the world’s greatest golfers ever.
Palmer first encountered a set of golf clubs at the age of four, when his father presented him with a set that had been cut down specially. His father was the professional at their hometown club in Latrobe, and obviously wished to give his son every chance of becoming a good golfer by starting him early. Promise was shown in the early years and Palmer became a successful amateur at college. He dropped out of college though when, tragically, his close friend and fellow golfer Buddy Worsham was killed. He turned instead to the armed forces and served in the coast guard for three years before returning to complete his college course.
In 1954 Arnold Palmer won the US Amateur championship, and this proved to be the stepping-stone he needed to go on to greater things. He went on to win a massive 92 professional championships, 61 of which were on the USPGA tour. He enjoyed a real purple patch when he won seven majors in as many years from 1958 to 1964, including the US Masters four times. The only major title to evade him was the USPGA major championship. In this he finished second three times.
Arnold Palmer was one of the more popular golfers; although he played tough on the course he was very much a gentleman, and endeared himself to the crowds. He soon had a massive following which the media dubbed ‘Arnie’s Army’. He regularly flew his own jet to golf tournaments, and this made him even more popular with the masses.
Throughout his successful golf career, Arnold Palmer has always entertained and amazed with his sublime skills. However, he has also given generously to charity, and also put money into the golf game to help promising youngsters. For these reasons as well he should be remembered as a true great.