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When you love a sport, or even like it enough to want to play on a team, it's important to know what to do, in addition to being a good athlete to make the team. And once you've made accomplished your goal of making the team, there are steps you need to know about rising to the top of that team.
The social aspects in a team are more than many people would think prior to becoming a team member. A key is to get along with your teammates, get to know them, and be friendly so they like you. Without a friendly atmosphere within the team, and cooperation with the players, no team can function properly. So a good way to start off is to get to know the players and have some good comments to back you up in front of the coach you are going to be trying out in front of before you can make it on the team.
Another important aspect that many athletes seem to overlook is getting to know your future coach before trying out for the team. There's a greater chance that a coach who knows you and likes you, will favor you as opposed to one who has no idea who you are and what abilities you possess. Try starting a conversation with the coach about how great the team is doing. Show up to practices and let him know you are there supporting the team. And when he's learned your name start greeting him when you pass him in school.
It's also important to practice all the time! No matter how good you may be in a sport, without practice you'll never be your best. Devote at least one and half-hours each day to vigorously practicing your sport by yourself and with other people. Avoid practicing with people that may be less athletic or are not as skilled in the sport, you only get better by playing with people who are better than you.
These steps should get you on the team if you display the potential and the ability to play varsity. The next step is to rise to the top in the team and make it as team captain. The team captain of the sport does not always have to be the best player on the team. Usually the captains are the hardest workers, the most sociable, the most spirited, and the most motivating. Let the coach see you helping other players, cheering them on during games, and practicing to improve your own game as well. Once you feel you've been on the team for maybe a year or two, display your interest to the coach about becoming team captain. And before you've made it!