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Young basketball players need the right drills in practice to become the best players they can be. Without fundamentals, players do not have an opportunity to take their basketball game to the next level.

The first skill that all basketball players need to possess is ball control. Basketball players need to be able to control their dribbling and need to have use of both their right and left hands to become solid all-around players.

The best way to get full use and control of the off hand involves putting a tennis ball in the natural hand and making the players on your team use only the off hand in practice. This will enable players to be ambidextrous on the court.

Another simple drill involves putting 6 cones five yards apart and making the players switch hands after running around each cone. Make each player do this for thirty minutes a day, and soon switching from off to natural hand will become very easy.

Another area of drills where players need to work is endurance. One way to get this is through sprints. Have the player start on the end line and run 10 sprints back and forth to the end line with only 5-second breaks between sprints. Having them run backwards will increase both their endurance and mobility..

One could also have the players run mile runs outside. A good 3-mile jog before practice helps the player in game time more than most ball control drills will. If a player can run 3 miles consistently, he/she should be able to perform well toward the end of a game.

One of the most important aspects of basketball is shooting. Free throw shots represent the easiest and yet sometimes wasted opportunities in basketball. If a player wants to succeed, he/she should be able to make nine out of ten free throws. A player should take at least a hundred free throws at practice. Once he/she gets consistent, put a blindfold around his/her head and make him/her shoot. The player should get in such a rhythm that he/she knows his/her position on the court and can make the bucket.

Another good shooting drill is to make a player practice his/her one-on-one game in practice. Make the player shoot over people’s hands. Instead of just letting him/her shoot wide open shots, put the best defenseman on him/her and make the young player work for shots. If one has to work hard for shots in practice, it will be easier to work hard for shots during games.

Drills can be boring, but the best players need to have great fundamentals to get to the next level and beyond. Working on endurance ball handling and shooting can turn a mediocre basketball player into a great one.