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Catching big fish is as much a national past time as baseball. Yet many people become frustrated because they neglect to take the time and find the best spots for a good outing. Fish are smarter than we give them credit for or at least they seem to be able to hide in the one place that people fail to look for them. Here are a few helpful hints on how to locate and catch monster fish.
First, especially in summer, look for shaded spots over the water. Fish being cold blooded need to have some escape from the intense summer heat. Also, be prepared to skim the bottom of the water with a deep diving lure because fish will remain at the bottom when it is hot outside. Try a deep diving crankbait or a brightly colored spinner that will reflect sunlight. If there is algae cover on the water throw right under the outermost edge as fish tend to linger there for most of the day. This area gtives fish cool water to swim in, but also allow them to swim out in the sumlight if they need to warm up. On the same algae throw a worm on the top and jerk it as this will from time to time attract large fish, especially bass, to grab it right off the top.
Another great spot for fish is any structure under the water. Structure is under water plants, fallen trees, sudden drop offs, or any other place fish my discover shelter. These places are havens for fish. For thich cover such as weed throw a lure that can withstand a tug. Worms work great in this kind of environment because they are amazingly versitle. For deep cover throw crankbaits or jerbaits and work the fish out of the cover where they will take your hook.
Always look for fish along the banks of creeks and lakes. If fishing in a small pond try casting to the opposite bank and reeling all the way across. This is a great technique for presenting the lure to the fish. These are just a few helpful hints to help any fishing experience be more enjoyable.