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Basketball can be a very demanding sport. By preparing yourself properly, you can increase your chance of succeeding at the challenging and quite competitive high school level. You must work on all aspects of your game to become a great addition to your team. If the only thing you can do is shoot, then you are a liability when you are dribbling, passing, or playing defense. If you are a one sided player, that will limit the amount of opportunities that your coach can play you. Here are some helpful drills and ideas to improve you as a player.
-Shooting: Everyone on the team wants to be the scorer. If you can consistently make shots, then your coach and your players will rely on you when it comes down to crunch time. Your shot can be improved by simply shooting on a regular basis. Also, drills can be performed to increase your shooting percentage. Grab a partner and ask him to rebound for you while you take shots from around the perimeter. Then switch after you have gone around the arc. Another good drill is to dribble the length of the court full speed and then pull up and attempt a jump shot from a position that you would shoot from in a game situation. This drill is great for simulating a real game situation.
-Dribbling: Ball handling can be a downfall for many basketball players. You must be able to handle the ball to play on the high school level. Start on the baseline and zig-zag your way down the court while dribbling the ball. As you turn directions, dribble the ball between your legs, behind your back, or even do a spin move to reverse directions. You can even add a defender for a little added pressure.
-Passing: Passing is one of the most underrated aspects in the game of basketball today. Not enough time is spent practicing passing. Get a partner, and you guys run up and down the court, facing each other, passing the ball back and forth. Practice different kinds of passing; bounce passes, chest passes, and the over the head pass. This drill will increase accuracy and sharpness of your passes.
-Defense: If you can not play defense on the high school level, you better learn how to quick. Defense is usually the key to victory in high school basketball. While playing defense, you need to use peripheral vision to see the whole court. You also need to make sure that you bend at your knees and not at your waist. Make sure you slide your feet and try not to allow your player that you are guarding to drive into the middle of the lane.
All of these drills will help improve your game as a basketball player. Keep in mind that the more you work and the more time you put in, the better basketball player you will become. Good luck and keep practicing.