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What do they look like?
Yellow perch, unlike many other fish, don't change colors much in different water types. Their basic hue scheme remains a yellowish green body color with white or cream undersides. The yellow perch typically has dark vertical bands across their backs. These fish have sharp teeth, and if you touch the fish's body, you may cut your hands. Their spines are sharp. They have at least a dozen stiff spines. The bodies of yellow perch are generally deeper than they are long. But most of them only grow to be about a pound in weight and range from half a foot to about 15 inches long.

How do they behave?
Yellow perch like warm waters. While they can survive in temperatures as cool as 60 degrees, they'd much prefer to be in 70 or 80 degree water. They need clean water in order to survive. If there is substantial debris in their habitat, or if their water becomes excessively cloudy, they can easily perish.
These fish like to live and travel in large groups. The size of their schools usually number at least 100, and they typically hang out with other fish similar in size and demeanor.

What else do you need to know about them?
Female yellow perch usually begin spawning at about a year of age, which is young for many other types of fish. They breed in early spring, but don't build nests. The female simply deposits her eggs over rocks or dirt and leaves.
Young yellow perch are a favorite prey for other fish. Yellow perch themselves generally feed off insects and small fish.