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What do they look like?
Yellow bass could have been called "yellow brass." After all, that's their distinguishing feature, their yellow-brassy colors on their upper sides. On top of that, you'll notice rows of dark stripes on each side... as many as seven or eight. Yellow bass have front and rear dorsal fins that are adjoined and are generally small fish. They have no teeth and weigh about a pound or a pound-and-a-half. Yellow bass boast about eight dark thin lines running across the length of their bodies. They can also have as many as 60 scales.

How do they behave?
Yellow bass spawn in the spring. They aren't very good parents, however. They don't create nests for their offspring. Instead, the females lay the eggs in no particular area and leaves the young to fend for themselves. These fish don't tend to grow very fast, either. Small yellow bass need to stick together in order to improve their chances to survive in their natural habitats. Small yellow bass generally enjoy eating other small fish and aquatic insects.

What else do you need to know about them?
These fish like to stick together in schools. They like to be with other fish of similar sizes, appearances, and demeanor. That's when they feel the most comfortable. The schools travel together in search of the perfect foods. They prefer eating other, smaller fish of any type and tiny crayfish.