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What do they look like?
White perch are small, freshwater fish. Their backs are deep green in color and their top sides are dark green to blue and turn into white or silver colors on their lower sides. These fish can be gorgeous to look at in the right light, as they appear iridescent and perhaps can be viewed as having a metallic blue hue on their gills and faces. Their fins have deep notches, and their tails are slightly forked. The size of an adult white perch is tiny at best. The average weight of one of these animals is only half a pound.

How do they behave?
White perch like to hang out with other white perch, yellow perch, and bass. They are very similar in size and shape as the bass, but lack stripes. They like to travel in large schools with other fish of similar size. The schools can have as many as thousands of fish.
White perch are known as predatory fish. If you've got freshly spawned fish, keep them well guarded. The white perch would like to make them their dinners. They also like eating young trout and salmon. They also like eating insects and crayfish.

What else do you need to know about them?
White perch spawn in late spring or early summer. Females don't build nests for their young, but simply lay as many as 100,000 eggs on aquatic rocks or other materials on the substrates. The eggs are sticky and adhere to the spot at which they're layed. The females leave their eggs and young to take care of themselves. The newly hatched perch are tiny. They can be nearly invisible at their early days of life.