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What do these fish look like?
White crappies are actually sunfish. The have long bodies and generally dull colors. The White crappie has rather large fins. That's what really separates them from the other sunfish. They also have unique faces, especially in their eye areas. White crappie have deep depressions just above the eyes that look almost like outlines of their eyes. White crappies also are known for their drank blotches across their sides. Their colorings are generally brassy and greenish on the tops and sides and silver on the undersides. The fins on these fish are transparent and often look as if they've been heavily attacked by a predator. That is not the case, however, as this is just the natural appearance of the white crappie.

How do they behave?
White crappies like to school in semi-large groups. They stick together with others of similar interest. They are carnivores, generally, preying on smaller fish, insects, and crawfish.
What else should you know about them?
Crappies spawn during the late winter months, typically. They are nesters. The males are responsible for finding a good place to lay the eggs. They are very detail-oriented when it comes to caring for the young. The females can lay anywhere from 20,000 to about 170,000 eggs, depending on the size of the mother. The parents then watch the eggs closely during the days before hatching, so they won't become dinner for a larger fish. Once hatched, the young fish are on their own. The parents let them go where they want and learn about life the hard way: by experiencing it.