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What do they look like?
White bass are known for their shiny, shimmery appearance. They are brassy and greenish on their backs; their sides are generally a shiny silver. They also typically maintain a blue glow about them. What distinguishes these bass from other fish is their stripes. White bass boast about eight dark thin lines running across the length of their bodies. They can also have as many as 60 scales. White bass can grow in a variety of sizes. But they generally weigh between one and four pounds.

How do they behave?
White bass spawn in the Spring. It varies depending on their water conditions and temperatures. They don't make nests when they spawn. The female white bass, however, simply sheds her eggs across the water and leave the area. Females are known to lay as many as half a million eggs each season. The fry normally eat insects and small sea animals once they're hatched. Mature white bass are carnivores, feasting regularly on fish of many types, crayfish, and insects.

What else do you need to know about them?
White bass like to be in groups of their own type. They like socializing with one another and preying on other fish together. Larger schools are generally comprised of younger fish. White bass tend to develop "cliques" with fish of their own size. They also aren't afraid of grouping with fish of other related types, like perch and crappies. You rarely will see one of these fish out on its own. They would much prefer to belong to a group.