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When it comes to catching nice trout, no place beats a good stocked creek or stream. There are many creeks and streams that are stocked by wildlife agencies throughout the country. They offer you a chance to catch some good size trout. When you get ready to trout fish, these are a few items you will need and some techniques I use to catch my limit.

1. The first thing you will need to do is purchase a trout stamp. This must accompany your regular hunting/fishing license.

2. A good pair of chest-high waders. These will be needed if you plan on wading down the center of the stream.

3. Next you will need a good fly rod and reel. You will need this if you plan on using flies or poppers. Always carry a good assortment of flies and poppers with you so you can see which one is working the best.

4. A regular rod and reel can also be used. A good tactic I have found to work is using a regular medium hook, and baiting it with whole kernel corn from a can. The trout really will tear it up.

Trout fishing requires a little more skill than some other types of fishing. With a little practice and patience you will be a pro in no time. There are many different ways to fish for trout, just find the way that suits you and stick to it. You can wade out or fish from the bank. I like to fish for trout where the current is the strongest. There seems to be a lot bigger fish in these areas.

The best time of day for catching trout is the early morning hours. When I trout fish I try to be at my spot a little before daylight. I get really good results in the morning hours. When you are fishing and hook that big trout, prepare yourself for a fight. Trout put up a tremendous fight when you hook them, so be ready. Don't try to overpower the fish, just let it wear itself down. This makes it easier on you, plus you are not likely to break the line or let it slip off the hook.

When you begin trout fishing, don't be disappointed if you don't catch a big one right away. It takes a lot of patience and practice. After you get your technique perfected, you should catch a lot of fish. I guarantee this is some of the most exciting fishing you will ever do. Get your gear and hit the creek.