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What does it look like?
Skates are members of the rays family. They take many of the same qualities of rays and are closely related to the shovelnose rays. They are large, flat creatures, and are generally gray in color. The largest part of their bodies look like discs. Their heads are quite flat and large and rounded. They may have several pointy ends like a disc would have, namely at the tip of their snouts and on either side. Their tails, however, are long and thin, and look like the tails on any normal fish. Skates can grow to be seven feet long, but they're usually much smaller. The tails on skates generally are simple in appearance. They normally only have one or two, well-defined, short fins.
If you touch a skate, you might hurt yourself, not because these are fierce creatures, but because their skin is very rough. They have small thorns and rough granules lining their bodies.

How does it behave?
These fish live on the bottom of the ocean. They prefer a deepsea habitat. They may be found in groups of several skates, but you'll rarely see more than just a few of them together in one spot.

What do you need to know about it?
When these fish mate, the males use special thorns on their outer disks to grab hold of the females. It's interesting to note that the thorns actually serve a real purpose during copulation. The males are able to use the thorns almost like human hands in order to breed.