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What does it look like?
These fish look exactly like their name implies. They have shovels for noses. Yes, these fish are shaped like shovels. They have long thin bodies that take the appearance of handles of shovels, and their heads are round and cupped. These fish have developed their shape over time of living on the ocean floor. Their fins and heads have evolved to be joined and gives the appearance of having an incredibly developed head and an underdeveloped tail. Most shovelnose rays are small, but some grow to be as long as three feet in length. The noses in shovelnose rays can take on a variety of shapes. They can look like shoves, triangles or ovals.

How does it behave?
Because of their large flat noses, these rays like to live deep in tropical seas. They can easily rest on continental shelves in warm-water climates. Their flat heads allow them to hide when they want and blend in with their surroundings. It also allows them to fit in a wide variety of places in order to chase after their prey.

What do you need to know about it?
These fish obviously aren't born with a shovel as a nose. That could be quite painful for the mother. Instead, they are born small and thin (their entire bodies are the same thinness). Then, their noses develop extensively, while their tails don't grow at nearly the same rate.
Some types of shovelnose fish even take the shape of guitars. These fish, fittingly, are known as guitarfish. And they can grow to be quite large.