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What do they look like?
Shads are bright, gleaming fish. Their colors are eye-catching and gorgeous when they shine in the light. They generally have backs that are deep blues and blue-greens, and sides of silver. They have a fairly decent sized spot on their shoulders that are a bit darker, along with several smaller spots a little further back on their bodies. These are very thin fish. Many are about the width of a knife. Their underbodies are shaped like saws, and they are very light fish, ranging in size from half a pound to five pounds.

How do they behave?
Don't even think about feeding these fish other fish or worms. They won't have any part of it. These fish are vegetarians. They naturally eat plankton and other plants.
They generally spawn in the winter and require cooler water (60-70 degrees) in which to lay their eggs. They don't create nests. Rather the eggs are shed from the female's body, and are left to fend for themselves. A female shad can lay as many as half a million eggs in one season.

What else do you need to know about them?
Shad thrive in tropical waters. While they can survive in fresh water, they naturally are found in saltwater. While these fish mainly eat vegetarian meals, if you feed them small insects, they'll eat them. They just would much rather munch on greens.
Because these fish are so small in size, the young shads are generally greatly preyed upon. Pollution also has been a problem when it comes to the survival of these fish.