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What does it look like?
Sawfish are some of the most interesting-looking fish you may ever see. They have the skin and body types of a normal shark, even though they officially are in the family of rays not sharks. Their incredible blade-shaped snout is amazing to view. Their snouts are flat, long (perhaps several feet in length, in the adults), and have needle-shaped teeth. These teeth line the outside of the snouts all the way from their eyes to the tip of the nose.
The eyes of these fish are on top of their heads and their undersides are generally fairly flat. Their gills can be found near their bellies They are typically gray in color

How does it behave?
Sawfish use their saws to burrow in the sand or mud that's found on the bottoms of the ocean. They slowly work their snouts into the ground in order to produce a hole that they can fit in and live. They also are known to use their blade-like snouts as weapons. When they see a school of small fish they want to eat for dinner, they cut, kill and eat the fish.

What do you need to know about it?
The big question with sawfish are how do they possibly give birth to little sawfish? Wouldn't the mother injure herself producing creatures with saws on their snouts?
To get around the problems associated with giving birth to young fish with blades on their snouts, the offspring are born with soft teeth and a flexible saw. The blade and teeth harden soon after they are born.