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What do they look like?
Rock bass are generally dull-looking fish. Their backs are usually dark brownish green. Their sides are brassy and their undersides are palish gray. Rock bass have distinguishing dark spots on their scales that make them appear as if they're striped. These fish also have several other dark spots across their body that give them the appearance to many that they aren't very attractive fish. Rock bass generally only weigh a pound or two.
But what separates these fish from others in their family are their red eyes and their protruding lower jaw. The red eyes and lower jaw are such interesting features on these fish that many fish experts actually call these fish by a couple other names, including redeye and goggle eyes.

How do they behave?
Rock bass like to spawn on gravel or sandy substrates. In fact, they prefer an area next to some weeds or next to a rocky patch. The rock bass are meticulous nest builders. The mail uses his tail to remove all the debris from an area about a yard wide. It is amazing to see these nests because they are cupped in shape to allow a large space for the eggs to rest, and the males go so far as to create a gravel or rock "wall" around the entire circumference of the nest. Female rock bass are known to lay anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 eggs in one season.

What else do you need to know about them?
Rock bass are generally carnivorous. They like eating small fish and crustaceans. They'll eat plants occasionally but would much rather have a meatier treat.