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What do they look like?
Birchirs are long, fairly thick fish with a series of distinguished fins lining their backs. Their fins are very light and usually transparent. Their colors generally range from green to yellow to brown, and have darker stripes and dots all over their bodies. They'll grow to be anywhere from one to three feet in length.
Reedfish are even longer than birchirs, and take on a rope-like appearance. Otherwise the two fish are closely related and take on many of the same characteristics.

How do they behave?
Birchirs like to live naturally in lakes, swamps and rivers. They have an ability that is rare among many other fish: they can breathe air. They can actually survive living above water for awhile, which not many fish can do.
When both reedfish and birchirs mate among those of their own types, they'll inhabit a swampy land in the autumn months. Then, they put on quite a show. They'll jump around in and out of the water, showing off for the females. Females will swim by, and the males will bump the females on the head while flinging their lower fins under her abdomen. This is the entire breeding process.
Both young and adult birchirs and reedfish prefer to live in schools rather than being alone. Not much is known about just how good of parents these fish are to their youngsters.

What else should you know about them?
Birchirs are carnivores. They'll eat just about any animal that comes their way, ranging from insects to frogs to other fish. The reedfish is much more of a vegetarian, preferring plankton and even many rooted aquatic plants to many meat-based creatures.