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What do they look like?
Pufferfish are generally multi-colored creatures and really neat to look at. Their markings generally range from bright yellows to oranges to browns. Their undersides are usually white. They have beaks of sorts, and can be two to three feet in length. Pufferfish can change their body shapes when they feel threatened. They do this for several reasons. First, it startles the predator. The predator doesn't expect an incredible physical change in a fish it wants to eat and is often scared away. Second, the predator worries that this body-changing fish may actually be able to harm it. Third, pufferfish change their body shape in such a manner that the predators oftentimes can't eat them because they either become too large or too awkward to stick in their mouths.

How do they behave?
Some pufferfish can be poisonous. The poison on these fish have been known to kill several humans in the Indo-Pacific region. So if you ever come in contact with one, be sure to take all precautions.

What else should you know about them?
These fish generally spawn in the early summer months. They like to spawn in groups. Large numbers of pufferfish flock to shores in order to find their mates. Then, one to five days later, these fish will be seen going back out to sea. The females lay sometimes millions of eggs in the water. The eggs hatch days later.