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What do they look like?
Porcupinefish are normal-looking tropical fish when they don't feel threatened. But when a predator approaches, these fish turn into virtual underwater porcupines. They puff up into a giant ball of water, hiding their bodies inside and on the outer shell that they produce are hundreds of sharp, long pine needles that can be damaging to anything at gets too close.
When a porcupinefish isn't feeling threatened, it is actually a very attractive fish. It is multi-colored with hues ranging from yellows to oranges to browns, and they have very distinguished colors and markings. They generally have fairly large splotches and dots of colors across their bodies that may cause them to be unnoticed when in a coral environment. They have only one set of teeth in their jaws, which makes them fairly unusual among fish.

How do they behave?
When a predator approaches a porcupinefish, the fish pumps up its body with water and takes the form of a giant prickly sphere. Once they enlarge themselves, predators are instantly turned away. And when they are in their inflated state, they are so large, that it's virtually impossible for any other sea creature to eat them because of their large circular size.

What else should you know about them?
These fish are normally found in coral reefs in tropical waters around the world. They are generally not very quick creatures when it comes to swimming speed, but as long as they can puff themselves up within a few moments, they really don't need to be incredibly fast. They can be rather large fish, however, some reaching lengths of three feet.