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What do they look like?
Ocean sunfish are brightly colored but unusually shaped. Their bodies are usually mostly yellow and dark brown in color with large circular dots running from the tip of their noses to the ends of their bodies. They also normally have bright yellow splotches across their bodies. But these fish are distinguished by the abrupt end to their bodies. They have no caudal fins and their dorsal and anal fins are on their back sides. These fish can be fairly large in size, usually growing to at least two feet, sometimes three. Ocean sunfish also have only one plate of teeth in their jaw. This is something that is rather uncommon for fish.

How do they behave?
These fish, even though they're large and somewhat menacing in appearance, generally don't go after fierce prey. They stick to eating small shrimp and crawfish, along with jellyfish and other soft-bodied fish. They like swimming along the tops of oceans, far off shore, in order to look for their favorite jellyfish on which they can snack.

What else should you know about them?
Look out when these fish breed. They will look for warmer tropical waters in order to mate. But when the female lays her eggs, she produces as many as 300 million young ocean sunfish. These fry are then left to fend for themseles.