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Mooneye Fish

What do they look like?

Mooneye fish are different from other members of their family, because they have mature teeth on their jaws and tongue. They also do not have an adipose fin, like other of their relatives do. These fish get their name because of their moon-like eyes. Their eyes are gray and deep. Mooneye fish also has a dorsal fin that is near the front of the anal fin, a location that also separates the mooneye from its relatives.

Mooneye fish are usually about a foot long, and are very thin. They can have different colors, ranging from greens and blues to bright silver. They are almost always iridescent. They generally have small mouths, and have an especially long anal fin, which can have as many as 30 rays.

How do they behave?

These fish like to be in schools. They thrive when they are around friends of their own type. They prefer freshwater to tropical water. They prefer cooler temperatures, also. They need a specific level of cool water in order to survive. They prefer a large area in which to swim. They like to have places to explore and plenty of spots to hide or play.

What else do you need to know about them?

Mooneyes like to eat insects. They are generally carnivores and can be quite content with food of flies, mosquitoes and other bugs. But, if you want, the adults can be fed minnows and mollusks.