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What do they look like?
Lungfish are long and slithery creatures. Adults can reach lengths of three feet or more. They have soft scales all across their bodies, which you'll notice are dark spots outlined in white markings. African and South American lungfish from other fish are their single dorsal fin that runs across their bodies, their minuscule pectoral and pelvic fins, and their two lungs. Other types of lungfish may only have one lung.

How do they behave?
Lungfish like to eat meat. They'll eat everything from crawfish to insects to clams, or even will feast on a fish or two once in awhile. These fish, when they find an animal they'd want for dinner, will force their powerful suction-like mouths on the prey. They chew their food, spit it out and suck it back into their mouths so that their dinners are almost partially digested when they're eaten. lungfish will usually be found in swampy regions, rivers, and lakes. They prefer to live in shallow, sandy marshes. But if you're along a deeper body of water, you may find an lungfish on the shore.

What else should you know about African lungfish?
When lungfish breed, they wait for a rainy season and build a burrowed nest, shaped like a "U" in the sand or ground under the water. The eggs are deposited in one end of the U and the male lungfish guards the nest until its young hatch nearly two weeks later.