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What do they look like?
Herring are generally small, thin fish. They can range anywhere from less than one pound in size to eight pounds, although an 8-pound herring is somewhat uncommon. Herring have protruding lower jaws, dime-thin bodies and are found in a variety of colors from golds to silvers to blue to greens. They always shimmer when you look at them in the light.

How do they behave?
Depending on the type of herring, they will eat plants or meat. Some herring solely eat plankton naturally and thrive on eating plants. Others are more carnivorous, and feed off minnows and other small fish.
Herring enjoy the company of other herring. They like being in schools. When they are in groups, they can be found on the upper levels of their habitat. They can be quite lively when in groups. They are known for their playful tendencies. When they're alone, they hang out in the lower depths of their tanks and streams.
These fish can be freshwater or tropical. Some types of herring do better in saltwater than freshwater; others are the opposite. If you're thinking about getting a herring for your tank, you should certainly find out which types would be best for your particular situation.

What else do you need to know about them?
Herring generally spawn in the early spring. They don't normally build nests for their eggs, but leave them abandoned. The eggs usually hatch within a few weeks.