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What do these fish look like?
The green sunfish typically isn't anything special to look at. It is usually dull in color and has a long body. It's similar to some bass as it has a protruding lower jaw and a big mouth. It is usually blunt green in color on the top, and it sides are typically yellowish. What does make these fish unusual in appearance, however, is while many fish look as if they have stripes that run horizontally across their bodies, the green sunfish actually has vertical stripes. They'll have about half a dozen dark bars running up and down their bodies. Green sunfish will also have blue spots on their cheeks. Green sunfish generally have round, black gills.

How do they behave?
Some green sunfish want to school; to others it doesn't matter. There's no real general preference other than some like to be in the company of similar friends when preying on smaller fish and other aquatic life. Other green sunfish would rather hide out alone and fend for themselves.

What else should you know about them?
Green sunfish seem very concerned about the safety of their offspring during spawning season. They'll build nests for the female's tens of thousands of eggs and guard them until they hatch. The young green sunfish are then guided for a bit, until the parents believe they are ready to face battle on their own sufficiently.