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What do they look like?

Goldeye fish get their name because of their golden colors. These fish are usually about 12 inches in length, are laterally thin, and have different colored dorsal fins ranging from olive to silver. They each have an iridescent gold tint, which are the trademark of these incredible fish. These fish have well-developed teeth on their jaws and tongues and even have gold-colored eyes. The goldeye's dorsal fin is usually further back on its body than some other of its relatives. Goldeyes have a significant number of scales running from their gills to their tail. They can have as many as 60 of these scales. Their tails are also characteristically forked.

How do they behave?

Goldeyes spawn in the early spring. They prefer sandy substrates under shallow water. An average female lays about 12,000 eggs each year. These eggs hatch within two weeks and the young generally remain near their parents for a few months.

Goldeyes need cold water in which to survive. They naturally thrive in cold northern lakes and streams and even icy conditions.

What else do you need to know about them?

Goldeyes like eating minnows and other small fish, along with insects. They certainly prefer to eat meat opposed to plants. These fish like to have large areas in which to swim and play. They like being in schools, as well. If you can supply a large broad, shallow area for them, they'll love you for it.