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What do they look like?
Golden trout are, well... golden in color. Their dorsal fins are usually greenish gray, but their upper sides are generally golden in color with dark spots. They generally have deep reddish streaks crossing their bodies and over their gills. Along this streak are about 10 to 12 dark markings. Smaller goldens are generally more brilliant in color than the larger ones. Males are most fascinating in color when they're spawning. Goldens can weigh as much as 10 pounds and be anywhere from 10 to 25 inches long.

How do they behave?
Golden trout aren't as aggressive as some other trout types. When they're mixed with other trouts in battle, they generally don't win. They know their weaknesses in this area, so they tend to try to avoid confrontation.
The females generally spawn in mid summer. They prefer to live and spawn in freshwater. The females like to brush a shallow area of water with their tails in order to clear a spot for her to lay her eggs. She then covers the eggs with gravel. Once born, the fry try to stick close to their mother and where she laid them for several weeks. They are then ready to be on their own.

What else should you know about Golden Trout?
Golden trout generally enjoy eating insects and small sea creatures, mainly crustaceans. Some of the larger goldens also eat other fish.
These fish are truly neat animals to admire. Their colorings tend to sparkle in the light. You can be captivated for hours.