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Fishing for large catfish is a very exciting sport. It is very fun and exciting for the whole family. There are many different ways to fish for catfish, and many different types of methods to use.

Bumping bottom: This method works very well for catching large catfish. You will need a boat and a good rod and reel for this method. Take your boat and go out to the center of the river or lake. This is usually the deepest part and a lot of the big catfish hang out on the bottom feeding. Anchor your boat or let it ease down the water. Put a heavy sinker on your fishing line and drop it over the side of the boat, until it reaches bottom. Just let it bump the bottom as you go down the water, until the big one gets on the hook.

Trot lining: This is another great way to catch large catfish. It is not as easy as using a rod and reel, but the results are tremendous. You need trot line which usually has anywhere from 25 to 100 hooks on it. You tie off the line on one side of the river bank. Then as you bait the hooks, you drop the line down into the water and go towards the center of the river. Weight down the end of the line and leave it until the next day. When you return, there will usually be some really good size catfish on the line.

These are two really popular methods. If you just want to take the family for a day of fishing and relaxing, fishing from the bank is fine. Just set up your lawn chairs and kick back throw out your line and wait for a bite. You might not catch as many this way, but it is still fun. You can also have some really good luck pond fishing for catfish. There are many privately owned ponds that are full.

When fishing for catfish here are some tips and equipment I suggest.

1. A good heavy duty rod and reel.

2. At the minimum 12lb. test fish line.

Here are some really great baits I recommend. All of these work really well for catching catfish.

1. Stink bait

2. Raw chicken or turkey livers. I put mine inside a small piece of panty hose. This keeps it on the hook better.

3. Night crawler worms

4. Crickets or grasshoppers.

5. Grub worms.

There are also many other items you can use. There are different baits on the market. Personally I don't think you can beat the night crawlers or livers. I hope that you have found this article helpful. Good luck with the catfishing.