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Bass fishing is one of the most exciting types of fishing there is. It takes a little skill and a lot of luck. One of the places people fish the least is where I find some nice bass.

Creek fishing takes a lot more work than jumping into a boat and hitting the river. It requires a lot of walking and getting wet. This is the reason you will find a lot of good bass in a creek. A lot of people don't fish them. I have been creek fishing for several years and here are some of the techniques I use and what you will need.

1. You will need a good pair of at least chest-high waders. When you creek fish you spend more time in the water than you do out.

2. A good lightweight rod and reel combo.

3. A fanny pack just big enough to carry a minimal amount of tackle. You are going to be doing a lot of walking so don't carry what you can do without.

4. Always search for a good deep hole with plenty of bank growth. A lot of the big bass hang around these places.

5. I like to use minnows when I creek fish because this is what they usually feed on. A good spinnerbait or rooster tail also works well.

6. Walk down the center of the creek and cast to the banks. You will be surprised at some of the bass you encounter.

7. Always be careful, there are some really deep holes in some creeks that come up on you unexpectedly. Always think safety first.

It might be harder than some people want to do, but for the avid bass fisherman it is something they will definitely want to try. If you give creek fishing a chance I think you will be pleased. You might not catch a world record fish, but you will definitely get a shot at some nice ones.