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What do they look like?
Featherbacks are long narrow fish and are gorgeous to look at. They are generally colored ranging from green to yellow to brown on their backs, while their faces and undersides can even take on a grayish hue. They have nearly perfectly circular dark spots lining their backs. The dots vary in size, with the smaller dots toward the fronts and backs of their bodies and the larger dots in the center of their bodies. These dark dots also are distinguished on featherbacks by their white outlines. What gives these fish their names, however, is their feather-like fish on their backs. These fish have long caudal fins on the undersides of their bodies. Running right next to these fins are a row of anal fins. That gives these fish a featherlike appearance.

How do they behave?
Featherback fish prepare nests for their young methodically. They use plants to make nests on the bottom of their habitat. One of the parents–not always the same one–is chosen as the nest protector.

What else should you know about them?
Featherbacks swim in a very distinguishing way. They lunge themselves forward by holding their bodies straight and firm and pushing their heads and upper bodies forward. They then coast for a few feet and propel themselves again.
These fish are also known for making sounds. It is believed that a gargling underwater sounds is produced by featherbacks because they have narrow air bladders. The gases flow through these organs tightly and create a fairly loud sound.