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What do they look like?
Channel Catfish can weigh anywhere from a couple pounds to 20 pounds, but has a virtually unlimited growth potential. Some channel catfish are known to grow as large as almost 60 pounds. Most channel catfish are gray or grayish brown on top, but have dorsal fins that are dark brown and deep green in color. The sides of these fish can range from yellows to greens to white. There is even an albino version of this fish that has pink eyes and is white to cream in color.
The tails on channel catfish are distinguishingly forked. Their heads are traditionally pointed, and they generally have about 30 rays running across their anal fins.

How do they behave?
These fish never will give up a good fight. They are stubborn fish and want to win every battle. These fish are fairly intelligent. They like and know good hiding places and are always on the prowl. They will never give in to a larger fish, and prey on smaller ones.

What else do you need to know about them?
Channel catfish tend to spawn in late spring. Male channel catfish generally build nests for the eggs and fan them off with their fins. The males defend the nests at all costs. A young female channel catfish typically lays 4,000 eggs, while the older ones can spawn as many as 20,000. Each egg is about half the size of a pea and is golden in color. A week after they're laid, they hatch, and the male channel catfish takes care of the young until they can fend for themselves. They young fish usually stick together in a neat school.