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What do they look like?
These are gorgeous tropical creatures. But you may never actually get to see them. Their colorings are usually bright, ranging in hues from greens to blues to yellows to oranges. They have defined markings and lines. These fish generally are not very large in size, generally reaching sizes of one to two feet. But what makes these fish so unusual are the boxes they form on their outsides. The boxes form to produce a protective outer shell full of scales, that is meant to keep predators away. The boxes often take the form of various colors, normally of whatever the fish's underwater surrounding may be, so it will more effectively blend in to the background and go unseen. These shells are thick and large.

How do they behave?
The large protective shells of boxfish allow them to be mostly safe from the predatory fish of the sea. However, many large fish sometimes see through their ploy and instantly break into the box. These fish are mainly herbivores and are able to eat most plantlife through their shell.
If they do feel like they're under attack, boxfish have one last weapon of defense. Some boxfish can secrete a poison called ostracitoxin from their skin into the water if they see a fish that may cause trouble. Any fish that comes in contact with the ostracitoxin either turns away immediately or dies within moments.

What else should you know about them?
Boxfish generally live at least 600 feet deep in the ocean, although some types of boxfish have been found at considerably higher depths.