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It is a common misnomer, but the blue pike as well as some similar pike,
are actually perch fish. But no matter what you choose to call it, the
blue pike is an interesting fresh water find.

What does a blue pike look like:
If you've ever seen a walleye, then in essence you've also seen a blue
pike. This fish is a replica of the freshwater walleye in all most every
detail except its size. An average blue pike tops the scales at abound one
pound. The blue pike has an elongated body with a large mouth and some
very sharp teeth. Its body has the same dark blotches that characterize
the walleye, including a dark section on its dorsal fin. Despite its small
size, the only feature that makes the blue pike unique from its brothers is
the gray-blue color of its body.

How does the blue pike behave?
The blue pike is mostly found among the Great Lakes, and around Ontario. This fish is carnivorous despite its small size. It feeds on anything smaller than itself, including insects, and crustaceans.

What else should you know about the blue pike?
If there is anything special about the blue pike, it is the fact that it even exists. This particular fish is so similar to the larger walleye, that it wasn't always considered a unique species. Fish experts originally
believed that the blue pike was merely a colored phase that some walleye experienced. This theory was later overturned however, when the blue pike was granted a unique authoritative listing.