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What do they look like?

These fish are known for their bluish gills. The blue colorings run from the lower jaw and cheek to the gill cover. The general colorings on the remainder of their bodies range from dark green to bluish green. The colors fade the farther back on their bodies you peer to yellows and incredible orange and red colors. Especially with the males at spawning time, the markings on these creatures are amazing.

Bluegills generally grow to a sometimes-inadequate six inches. They normally weigh about two pounds.

How do they behave?

Bluegills are unusual in that they can spawn more than once in a season. They are known to breed up to three times a year! Male bluegills build the nests upon dirty or semi-rocky substrates. They fan their fins to clear way for what's to come. The nest becomes the male's own. Several females typically enter the nest of a single male. Each female bluegill can lay as many as 60,000 eggs, all of which the male cares for solely until the young fish can go out on their own.

What else do you need to know about them?

These fish can live in a fairly wide range of water temperatures. They can survive–and become well adjusted–in both warm and cooler temperatures. The problem many bluegills have is a lack of oxygen. They need plenty of oxygen in order to survive. That's why winter months are especially cruel for these creatures in the wild. When ice forms over their streams and lakes, many of them die off because of the low oxygen levels present under the ice sheets.