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What do they look like?
Angel sharks are about as close as sharks come to looking like rays. They are fairly flat fish and have large fins. They are distinguished by their lack of an anal fin, eyes on top of their heads, and tails that are longer than they are vertical. Angel sharks are generally bluish to grayish in color and can become fairly large. Some of these sharks do grow to about seven-feet long. Their mouths are found underneath their bodies, and they have sharp, spiky teeth.

How do they behave?
You'll most likely find angel fish close to the shore or in other shallow bodies of water. They also like water that has a reasonably warm temperature. You likely won't find these sharks along the northern eastern seaboard or along the coast of Alaska.
Angel sharks, as do most sharks, prefer to eat meat. They like sharks of all sizes and aren't afraid to take on the most magnificent of ocean creature.

What else should you know about angel sharks?
These fish like to surprise their prey in an usual way. One of the reasons they like living in shallow water is so that they can partially bury themselves in the sand. Many fish will swim right by them and not even notice they're there, because they camouflage themselves so well. But that's how they work their trick. When they see a creature they would like for dinner, they'll simply extend their jaws out in a quick motion and snap forward onto the unexpecting prey.