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Alewife Fish

What do they look like?
These fish are some of the smallest, thinnest fish you may ever encounter. They generally weigh less than a pound, but average eight to 10 inches in length. The main distinguishing characteristic of these fish is the serrated line on their bellies. They also have the traditional dark spot that is found on other types of fish in their family. Their backsides are bluish green or gray, and their sides are generally silver. Their colorings are usually iridescent, and are mystifying to look at. Alewife fish also sometimes have horizontal lines on their scales. These lines may not be obvious to the passing observer.

How do they behave?
Alewife fish spawn in the late spring and early summer months. The females build nests for the young and usually lays about 100,000 eggs. She then leave them to fend for themselves, once they're hatched. Because of the smallness of their size, young alewife fish sometimes find themselves in a constant struggle for survival. They are prime candidates for meals of larger, hungry fish.

What else do you need to know about them?
These fish need particular temperatures in which to live. If the water does not maintain a lower-than-average temperature, they will certainly die. You want to consult your local fish expert about what temperatures your particular alewife fish needs. In their natural habitat, many alewife fish are known to die in the summer months because the water temperature is too high.