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Living in the "moment of now" is the most complete way to raise your positive energy and make you feel better about yourself, so that from now on everything you do will be better.

During college, I was studying with a master of meditation. He was an eccentric old man who preached to me, "Never get out of bed until you are feeling completely wonderful." That explained the many times I had traveled to meet him for classes and there was no one there, he wasn't feeling wonderful that day.

Take every moment, and make it your best. My favorite movie scene illustrates this perfectly. Ghandi has just completed building a new village, and asks his wife to please clean the bathrooms before the officials come to inspect. Here she is, Mrs. Ghandi, all made up in a fancy silk sari, ready to greet the president, and Ghandi wants her on her knees with a toilet brush. She tells him, she doesn't clean toilets. With a gentle smile, he informs her that when she is cleaning toilets, she will do it with a smile on her face and joy in her heart. The camera pans to see Mrs. Ghandi, in her silk sari, smiling and scrubbing the bathroom bowl.

There are many things we can multi-task through during the day. You will enjoy and digest your meals better if you don't try and pay bills at the same time. Put on some music, or engage in some pleasant conversation. When you are driving down the street, don't allow your mind to wander to why you forgot to take out the chicken breasts to defrost. There is a police car down the road, itching to write his quota of tickets. If you were living in the "moment of now" you would be able to read his vibes naturally and brake, slow your speed and avoid that $40 speeding ticket.

When you are feeling stressed at the end of a busy week at work or school, take a moment, take off your shoes, and walk barefoot in the grass and smell the roses. Walking barefoot helps you connect with mother earth and centers your energy.

When you get up in the morning, stand before the mirror, brush your hair, and say, I feel wonderful. Go on saying it until you feel wonderful or until you start giggling.

Now that you are feeling wonderful in this moment, let's share this new good energy with the rest of the world. When you go to the food store, compliment the cashier on her jewelry or new hair cut. When you pick up your laundry thank him for his gentle smile. When you go through the drive-through to get your lunch, tell them what a great voice, they should be in radio. You get the idea, a good positive, energy says to the world, "I am who I am, and who I am is beauty and strength, and if you can see this light within, then we can be friends." This sets up a wonderful energy pattern. The people you give positive compliments to, give it to others, and your smile, creates a pebble in the water effect, that within 24 hours will reach around the world. Start sharing your wonderful moment of now, now!