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There is strong evidence gathered from research studies to suggest that magnetic therapy may help to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, restore energy, increase blood circulation and prevent or even reverse infectious states and degenerative diseases. Magnetic therapy is based upon the use of magnets on or around the acupuncture points of one's body. Applying magnets to the skin enables the body to build new cells and rejuvenate tissues in the body.

The use of magnets as a medical means of treatment is a natural way to stimulate your body to combat pain. Bioelectromagnetic therapy works by accessing your body's own electric and magnetic fields through acupuncture points on the surface of the skin. Since certain types of illness and pain are associated with imbalances in electric and magnet fields, magnetic therapy aids the body in realigning the fields and correcting imbalance.

Science tells us that when energy flow within the body reaches abnormal levels, acupoints on the surrounding skin becomes tender and painful to the touch. With the use of magnetic therapy, these acupoints are stimulated by tiny pulses of electromagnetic energy.

Magnetic therapy has been used with great success for thousands of years. More than 2000 years ago, Chinese scientists realized the important role our body energy plays in protecting us from disease and sickness. They termed this the "wei chi," which literally means "defensive energy." Defensive energy is an invisible energy that circulates just under the skin.

The Chinese first used traditional therapies like Acupuncture to strengthen the wei chi against germs and disease. Acupuncture was commonly a routine procedure performed during periods of cold, damp weather to prevent the development of colds, flus and other illnesses.

In the early 16th century, Swiss physician, philosopher and alchemist, Paracelsus, first used low field magnetic therapy to treat epilepsy, diarrhea and hemorrhage with some success. By the mid-18th century, Franz Mesmer, an Austrian doctor, opened the first ever magnetic healing salon in Paris, and used magnets as a treatment for mental illness.

Magnetic therapy has been mentioned in ancient writings from many different cultures. Japan, China, India, Australia and Germany are actively using magnetic therapy to treat medical conditions today, and its popularity and high success rate is now influencing the way treatment of injuries takes place in the United States and Mexico, as well.

Though magnetic therapy can be used to treat literally hundreds of diseases and ailments, it is most commonly used to treat:
Joint and muscle pain
Shoulder pain and strain
Neck aches
Menstrual pain and stress
Kidney ailments and infection
Hand pain

The good news about magnetic therapy is that it's a relatively inexpensive treatment with no known side effects. Because magnetic therapies are sold over the counter, doctor visits and additional physical therapy is not needed. Before applying magnets, read accompanying literature. Clean and dry the area of injury before apply magnets and never leave on longer than the recommended time.

Though there are no known side effects with the use of magnetic therapies, if you suffer one of the following conditions, speak with your health care provider before beginning magnetic treatment:

Persons using pacemakers, insulin pumps or transdermal drug delivery patches.
Pregnant women.
People who use high voltage machines daily or work with high voltage cables.
People with allergies to metals.
Children under the age of seven.

There are several different types of magnets used in therapy. Pulsating magnets work to control pain by contracting the muscle and warming it at its core. Pulsating magnets are powered by battery or electricity and are used to treat serious muscle injury. South and north pole magnets are also used for different purposes. When purchasing magnets, look for their specific form (south or north pole) on the label.

SOUTH POLE magnets work to:
Disperse bodily fluids
Aid in glandular function
Help produce red blood cells
Help to soften capillary canals
Help the digestive process
Increase protein activity
Stimulate growth

South pole magnets are rarely used.

Helps reduce pain and inflammation
Decrease calcium ions (useful for arthritis and gout, where too much calcium is present in joints.)
Dissolves fatty tissue
Calms body and nerves
Is a vaso-constrictor
Decreases organ activity
Helps to reduce cholesterol build up

North pole magnets are the most frequently used, and are helpful in treating arthritis, bleeding, wounds, sores, boils, eczema, skin rash, burns, infection, toothache, kidney infection, kidney stones, bladder complaints, stomach illnesses, inflammation, warmth and swelling.

Each injury or ailment is treated differently through the use of magnets. Magnets are sold in bracelet form, as straps, patches, bed mattresses, foot pads, necklaces and individually. Depending on your injury or ailment, each magnet will be applied differently. When buying bracelets and foot pads, it's important to purchase the correct size, since magnets work by stimulating particular areas of the body.

The wrist is an easy area to treat. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis pain and strain and injury can be successfully treated through the use of copper magnets sold in bracelet form. Copper or magnetic bracelets can be worn daily for an unlimited amount of time.

Foot pain, gout, kidney ailments and arthritis sufferers can benefit from magnetic insoles. Sold according to shoe size and illness, magnetic insoles target pressure points on the sole of the shoe and can be worn daily for treatment of injury or arthritis.

Sports enthusiasts, computer workers and machinists often suffer hand strain injuries. Painful arthritis symptoms and hand injuries can be treated through the use of disc therapy. Sold as a single north pole magnet, these discs are held in the palm of the hand or worn in a specially sized glove. Arthritis sufferers can wear long term. Injuries should be treated only until pain subsides.

Back pain sufferers often take comfort in magnetic back support braces or full mattresses. Braces are sold by size and ailment, and are held to the body by elasticized material and velcro straps. They can be worn for the treatment of pain up to a few hours daily.

Mattresses are used to treat serious back pain and severe forms of arthritis. Low level north pole magnets are distributed evenly throughout a sturdy, foam pad. Mattresses can be slept on used in periods of rest for unlimited amounts of time.

Head injuries, migraine sufferers and those with arthritis in the neck area often use contour pillows with magnetic inserts during sleep and rest periods. High density foam helps to align the head and neck, while magnets go to work on pressure points within the neck and head region.

Arthritic knees and those feeling pain from injury can wear specially sized knee braces or wraps. Again, these are sold by size, and can be worn for long periods of time.