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Gemini is the sign of the lovers. The birth dates that a Gemini falls under at May 22nd through June 21st. The star to find to locate the Gemini in the sky is called Alcyone.

The degree postion in the sky is 29 2’-0 6’. This star could be seen in 1930 and will be able to continue being seen until the year 2000 is over. The constellation is called Eta Taurus. The closest known thing that is by Gemini are the Moon and Mars. The description of Alcyone is a green and yellow principal star in the Pleiades.

Some of the postive things that being under this star bring are the creative mind and ambition that a strong charateristics. Honesty plays a big role in a Gemini as well as enthusiasm. Being born under the sign of Gemini, they are graced with intelligence and a charismatic ability to deal with people. Gemini’s also have very liberal views and are quiet broad minded.

With the good there are bad aspects of being born under this sign as well. There are several things linked together. Moodiness can lead to tempermental behavior. Gemini’s tend to be hasty and they have a tendency to talk too much. They can also be cantankerous. All these bad things can come out in a snap just as the good things.

With a Gemini finding the right course for self-expression is essential to happiness. Going into a postion with power is very natural for a Gemini. They have a real problem associating inner strength with failure. Although all considering, they don’t easily take things laying down. The restlessness that occurs in a Gemini comes from the desire to achive more than possible. They feel pride in their achievements. The key to power postions for the Gemini is to update knowlege and skills often.

In the work force a Gemini is practical and skilled in communication. They are most likey to suceed and prosper in sales or writing career. Although a job in public
relations or promotions is a good career choice as well. The business and leadership qualites a Gemini holds would lead them to a good career as being an analyst or a trouble

With the Gemini’s independant nature and strong intutive power would suggest that they would be drawn to powerful, self disiplined, and detrimed mates. They also look for a partner who is hard working and is a respectful person. However by gaining wisdom and compassion a Gemni can usually achieve whatever their heart’s desire.

Some famous Geminis would include Richard Wagner, Arthur Conan Doyle, Francoise Sagan, and Naomi Campbell.