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The first time you encounter a fairie or a spirit guide, will be an experiance you are unlikely to ever forget. Perhaps you have already made contact and just did not realize what you were experiencing. For example, have you ever been walking through a corn field and all of a sudden felt like you had just stepped through a cobweb? It's covering your face and you are trying to get if off but yet when you look around there is no cobweb to be found. This is one of the many ways that nature spirits or fairies play with you.

Nature spirits, or fairies as some would call them, are fun loving creatures and reside in nature. There are many ways of contacting these adorable creatures. They will bring fun, adventure and a sense of joy to your life when they are called. The first thing you must do in order to become more aware of their world is to spend time in nature everyday. If you feel like you are being watched while talking a walk through the woods then you probably are. You will have no reason to fear as nature spirits will harm none. Just a word of caution though, stay away from mushroom rings on a full moon. They say that the fairies can take you to their world during these times if you are caught in a mushroom ring. Once there you will never return.

Fairies or nature spirits can and will teach you many things about nature and with such knowledge you will be able to obtain cures for illnesses, help when you are lost and many more benefits. Pay strong attention to your feelings during your nature times. Did you feel something gently blowing against your cheek? When you are swimming did something nibble at your toes? Do you hear tiny voices or laughter? These are all signs that the wee ones are near. Make an offering to them with gifts. Play an instrument or hum a tune while you are in nature. Open your third eye, which is in the middle of your forehead, and gently call with your mind, "I believe in you, I bring harm to none. Accept my gifts and show yourselves to me. For I would gladly give more to thee!" Be patient and loving. Open your heart and your mind. They will come when they are ready to interact with you. Once they have appeared give thanks to them and ask what service you can provide for them. Once asked you should do whatever it is so that you may build their trust. A good relationship with any being, human or otherwise depends entirely on trust. You have now begun an unforgettable journey and a lifelong freindship.

Some questions to ask of them once the relationship has been built would be:
1.What purpose do you serve in my life?
2.What is your name?
3.What areas in my life do I need to improve to become more in tune with you and your world?
Keep a daily journal. Record all your thoughts and feelings during times of contact. These records will later help you to become more in tune with other spirits.

I have shown you how to come in contact with nature spirits first because they are the easiest to become aware of. There are many more spirits in our world, far too many to actually mention here. Yet if you have an open mind and heart, then these basic steps I have just shown you will help you to establish contact with other realms of being. You will become more conscious of spirits and their contact with you and will eventually be able to hear and see them when asked. Spirit contact if done properly can help you through many of lifes difficult decisions. That is what they are here for. I hope all your spirit journeys are joyful ones. Be well.