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Being born under the sign of Capricorn has the birth dates of December 22nd through January 20th. The star’s name is Polis. To find this star in the sky you must look at 2 15’- 3 14’. This star has been seen since 1930 and will be able to be seen through the year 2000. The constellation is called Mu Sagittarius. This star is closest to Jupiter and Mars in the sky. The description of this star would be a blue and white triple star located
in the upper part of the bow of the Archer.

Some positive aspects of being born under the sign of Capricorn would be the immense ability to concentrate. They have a very competitive nature and excel in sports
due to this drive. Capricorn are good at dealing with people which makes them good at working in places that deal with large groups. They have excellent organizational skills. Being reliable leads to the fact that they stay faithful to people they know and products they use.

Some negative aspects of being born under the sign of Capricorn are the fact that they tend to be very rebellious. They also have a restlessness in them that tends to lead to boredom in things they do quickly. Capricorn suffer from lack of endurance and at times
can be overly optimistic. At times they also have trouble balancing money which leads to financial trouble.

Capricorn find that through concentrated efforts they can turn vision to reality with their strong drive. They have a need to action and adventure. It is vital for a Capricorn to stay focused or they are very likely to daydream very frequently. With all this in mind they
are able to inspire others and make things happen not only for themselves, but people around them, on a very large scale.

Being very self-reliant, they enjoy succeeding through their own efforts. They like to fight to the top and know that their hard work got them to where they are. They strive to always be at the top, but do not ask for help in getting there. Good career choices for a
Capricorn would be going into publishing, advertising, or promotion. They need to get into a career that requires both challenge and diversity.

In matters of love and relationships with a Capricorn, they find themselves drawn to creative and hardworking people that often stimulate qualities in themselves. Capricorn often have a hard time finding the right mate. Love partners may prove to be difficult until
the Capricorn learns to stay a bit detached. Although once a Capricorn finds love, they are very capable of being loyal and loving for long periods of time.

Famous people born under the sign of Capricorn are Mother Meera, Phil Spector, Henry Miller, and Steve Allen.