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Cancer is the sign of the crab. The birth dates for being born as a Cancer would be June 22nd through July 22nd. The star’s name is Betelgeuze. You can find the star located in the sky at 27 46’- 28 42’. This star could be seen from 1930 up until the year 2000 is over. The constellation is called Alpha Orionis. It would be closest to Mars and Mercury. The description of the star is a variable orange-red star located on the right shoulder of

Some of the positive aspects of being born under this star would be that you have very good judgment. It shows through many deacons made. A cancer is good at problem
solving and is a really quick learner. It is shown that a Cancer has good potential in the work force and really in any aspect of their lives. Being sympathetic is another
characteristic. With using the good judgment though, the sympathy is not given out to just anyone.

Other more negative aspects of being born under this sign would include being obstinate. They tend to be argumentative as well, being strong in their beliefs. Also being very insecure sometimes it leads to a lot of more emotional problems. They can also some antagonism.

Cancer’s tend to have a confident front, but they also wonder if they posses the actual facts. With having a good, friendly personality, they fit well will all social groups. They feel a need to express themselves creatively. Living up to their true potential may be endangered by escapist tendencies, not being truly focused on the goals they want to achieve.

With the natural ability to deal with people could be channeled into professions that deal with the public. Such professions might include communications or education.
Other good career choices many include health or social work. Whatever choice in career is made for a Cancer, working with or near the public would be the best choice.

Cancer’s need a partner that can understand their sensitivity and share values as well as ideas with them. They can prove to be a tower of strength for their loved ones, but they are prone to fluctuating moods. A developing philosophical perserspetive and overcoming a tendency to worry establishes emotional stability. To find a mate that has a lot of common interest or that are intellectually stimulating!

Some famous people that share this birth sign with all Cancer’s are Meryl Streep, Lindsay Wagner, Pamela Anderson Lee and Donald Sutherland.