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Chakras - what are they? Chakras are an internal system of energy points throughout the body that are as much a part of the human body as the heart or brain. Chakras are in themselves points of light energy that help the body function properly and help to transmit energy to different points in the body.

Just like everything else, chakras are no different in that they must be periodically cleansed. Just as there are physical results from your every action in the physical world, there are also consequences from what you say or think as well. Negative thoughts cause your chakras to become dull and to not function properly. Have you ever had a bad day and found it hard if not impossible to concentrate on anything? Often the cause for this, no matter what the actual problem is, is a blockage in your energy.

To cleanse your chakras you need some time alone. First find a place where you won't be disturbed for at least half an hour. Sit on the floor cross-legged, keep your back straight, maintaining good posture. Take a few deep breaths and hold for a two count before you exhale.

Repeat the deep breathing until you feel relaxed enough to continue to the next step. You can either keep your eyes open or closed, although some find it hard to stay awake with eyes closed.

Imagine that you have ball of light above your head. This is your crown chakra. Imagine that the ball of light is floating right above your head. Picture it as you feel now. See it as you think it would be. If it appears brown or dull in your mind then you need to cleanse it. To cleanse it, visualize a stream of energy coming from the sun and entering the small sphere like a laser into a glass orb. Imagine the energy cleansing the chakra.

Imagine that all the negative energy is being washed away. Imagine this new energy entering your chakra and cleaning away everything negative. Continue to do this until you can picture your chakra glowing a bright white.

Now move your attention to your throat. Picture a bright white light coming from the middle of your neck. Again as before wash away the negative energy with the energy from the sun. If you need help visualizing just think of the sun as having a very bright fishing like line going in to your body radiating its energy. Do this until the chakra feels cleansed.

You can either do this quickly or simply take your time, the choice is yours. After you have cleansed your neck chakra bring your attention to your gut. Imagine a ball of white light in your stomach. Imagine the light shining so brightly that you can feel it. Again as before imagine this white light cleansing and cleaning out all the negative energy from your stomach chakra.

Now move your attention to your genitals. Imagine a white ball of light in that general area. Imagine white light flowing into your genital chakra, dispelling any negative energy that may be there.

Last move your attention to the base of your spine or tailbone. Imagine a white light and again imagine that it is being cleansed and cleared by the process of your visualization.

After you have done these exercises a few times in succession you will actually be able to feel the energy in each one of your charkas. Finally to complete the whole process stand up and imagine that you are taking a shower of pure energy, imagine that as in a shower, a multitude of energy streams are hitting your body and recharging every part. The more that you practice the better you will be at feeling the energy that you helped create.